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How to Configure & Use ARCserve 9 to Restore GroupWise 6

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By David Kretschmer

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Posted: 31 Jul 2003


This document assumes you can configure the GroupWise agents in ARCserve 9, and that you have read ARCserve Technical document #1008.


Our GroupWise system consists of 4 servers (directory structures are explained below):

SERVER1 with DOM1 and [D1]PO1 Dir Structure : NW5.1SP5, GW6SP2
VOL:\RESTORE (not used for restores)
SERVER2 with DOM2 and [D2]PO1 Dir Structure : NW6SP2, GW6.5
VOL:\RESTORE (not used for restores)
SERVER3 with [D1]PO2 Dir Structure : NW5.1SP5, GW6SP3
: VOL:\ZeusDOM (dummy domain)
VOL:\RESTORE (not used for restores)
SERVER5 as the restore server Dir Structure : NW5.1SP5
VOL:\ZeusDOM (dummy domain)
VOL:\RESTORE (used for restores)
BACKUP as the backup server : NW6PSP2, ARCServe9, DELL Tape Library

We do not restore to the same server as the live mail servers. This is for a number of reasons:

  • We do not have enough disk space to restore a 50G PO on the live server
  • ARCserve 9 needs certain files to exist in the PO and DOM before it can restore data. By having a separate restore server, there is a reduced chance of losing these files (explained later in the document)
  • 2x40G IDE HDD are cheaper than HDDs for our DELL servers.

Backup Configuration

GWTSA.NCF files need to specify three HOME switches:


Even if you are not restoring to the live mail server, you still need to specify it on the GWTSA that is backing up so that it does not get upset when you're trying to restore. You will then need to duplicate these directories on the restore server (details further down) (This is not 100% tested, but it works for me).






Although SERVER3 is not running a domain, it needs to have a domain directory with a copy of wpdomain.db in order for the GWTSA to work!

Your ARCserve 9 Windows Manager should look like the following:

It is important to note that the following options need to be configured for each job in Backup Manager -> Options

Tab Options
Backup Media Options for Backup Media should be set to "Overwrite Same Media Name or Blank Media"
Verification Scan Tape Contents
Retry Retry After Job
Use Lock Mode if Deny Write Fails
Operation Calculate and Store CRC Value on backup media
Eject backup Media upon completion
UNTICK Backup Brightstor AB Databases upon completion
Record Detail Information
Disable multiplexing (NOT for GroupWise)
Pre/Post Leave blank
Job Log Log Summary Only
Alert Leave blank
Virus Disable Virus Scanning
NetWare Operations Leave defaults
Restore Configuration


The RESTORE server needs to have replicas of all the directories of the other mail servers, in exactly the same hierarchy. My experience shows that GWTSA/AS9 cannot backup to different directory structures (The GWTSA.NCF file on RESTORE may not need to have the restore directory specified after each DOM/PO switch, but that is what works for me).

Each Domain directory on the RESTORE server needs to have a copy of wpdomain.db. It does not matter what version of the file you, or what server you got it from, just so long as it is there.

Each Post Office directory on the RESTORE server needs to have a copy of WPHOST.DB and NGWGUARD.DB in it.

* This forces the dilemma that if you lose your post office directory or server, you will not be able to restore the post office. This is one advantage of having a separate restore server, so that these required files are always available!!

Using ARCserve 9 Windows Manager to Restore the Post Office

  • Select a session to restore
  • Select a destination to restore to:
    • \\RestoreServer\GWSystem\[Tmp]RestoreDirectory

      e.g. \\Restore\GW55dom\[Tmp]Restore

Configuring GroupWise to Access Restore Area

As per usual documentation?

A few cravats:

  • You will need to copy some files to the restore directory (I.e. \\restore\data\restore) from the \\gwserver\data\postoffice\)
    • wphost.db - without this file you will see "You have attempted to open an incompatible database. You must either change connection modes or open a different database"
    • ngwguard.db - without this file, you will see "Error 8209: The path to the file is invalid or the file does not exist"
    • If the problems still exist, copy the two files from the \\restore\gw55po dir
    • The restore process does not seem to automatically restore these files to the location. You need to copy from the live Post Office, once again suggesting a major risk if the main GroupWise server is not available!
    Another user I spoke to said he needed to move the \ofviews\win\*.* to root of the restore directory, however I have found this in not required.

Other Issues

It seems that the domain files are restored to the same directory as all the post office files. It would be nicer if a separate domain directory was created, or would you need to specify the following in a GWTSA:

Gwtsa /home-Domain /home-Restore/Domain /home-PO /home-RestorePO

Post Office Restore Procedure

This process will take several hours to complete, after which time the user should be able to access this restored area using the GroupWise 6 client (you may need to upgrade the client on the user's PC to enable them to have access to this restored area).


  • The Restore server (located on Level 4 Highgate Wing) needs to be running, and have GWTSA running. To check, type Modules gwtsa.ncf at the server console. You should see a status screen on the server listing all the post office paths.
  • The user also needs to have the GroupWise 6 client installed to access this installed area.


  • Open ARCserve 9 Desktop Manager
  • Select Restore
  • Select Restore by Session
  • Select the tape you need to restore from

    NOTE: You should see the three GroupWise servers in the right-hand pane. If these are not visible, you may need to merge the tape. Before running a merge, check the AS backup log file to ensure a successful backup did occur on that tape.

  • Highlight the session (post office) you need to restore

  • Click the destination tab

  • Untick "Restore Files to their Original Location"
  • Type \\RESTORE\GW55DOM\[Tmp]Restore in the destination field
  • Click the START icon
  • Follow the prompts to start the job immediately or later.
  • The GWTSA console screen on the restore server should now show a list of post offices
  • The restore process is running. Wait for completion.
User Restore Procedures

See the GroupWise documentation ( ?page=/documentation/lg/gw6/gw6_admin/data/ab4pw6m.html#ab4pw6m) for how to configure the post office to allow the user to restore their data. Since the GroupWise Domain has already been for this, following the next steps to give the user access to their mail items.

NOTE: The user needs the GroupWise 6 client to do this.

After you have set up a restore area and given users access to it, users can selectively restore individual items into their mailboxes. This saves you the work of restoring mailbox items for users and it also saves users the work of deleting unwanted restored items.

After a restore area has been set up:

  • In the GroupWise client > click File > Open Backup.
  • Browse to and select the restore area directory, then click OK.
  • In the Password field, type your GroupWise password, then click OK to access the backup copy of your mailbox.
  • Retrieve individual items as needed.
  • The backup copy of your mailbox offers basic features such as Read, Search, and Undelete so that you can locate and retrieve the items you need.
  • When you are finished restoring items to your live mailbox, click File > Open Backup again to remove the check mark from the Open Backup option and return to your live mailbox.


  • The restore area shows only the difference between the live system.
  • You may need to run a find to display emails?
GroupWise Backup Issues
Problem Reason Solution
ARCServe Desktop Manager - cannot expand GroupWise objects when selecting a GroupWise server to backup. Improperly configured gwtsa.ncf file The correct format is:

Server running PO only will not be seen by ARCServe Need to configure a dummy domain on all servers not running a proper domain. Create a Directory called say GWDOM and copy the wpdomain.db from your primary domain to this folder. Then alter the GWTSA.NCF to have this folder listed load gwtsa /home-mail:\gwdom /home-mai:\yourpo (Always have the domain first)

Then start gwtsa and when you reconnect from ARCserve 9 it will work.

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