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Upgrading to GroupWise 6.5 Q&A

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Posted: 31 Jul 2003

If you're getting ready to upgrade to GroupWise 6.5, make sure you check out this article by Makau Corp & The Messaging Architects in the Novell Connection Magazine this month. They have put together a list of questions and answers about upgrading to GroupWise 6.5.

Here's a sample

Question: Can you run GroupWise 6.5 on NetWare 4.x?

Answer: GroupWise 6.5 is designed to run on NetWare 4.2. You can run it on NetWare 4.11 provided you are running SP8 or higher.

Question: Will upgrading to GroupWise 6.5 affect GroupWise gateways?

Answer: All GroupWise gateways are compatible with GroupWise 6.5, including previous versions of gateways, such as the 4.1 API gateway.
Question: Will GroupWise Monitor function with GroupWise 6.5?

Answer: GroupWise Monitor was redesigned between GroupWise 5.5 and GroupWise 6.5. It now runs independently from the e-mail server and offers enhanced functionality and alerting not available previously. You will need to reinstall the application.

Click here for the complete list of questions and answers:

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