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New Virus Spreads WorldWide - Sobig-F Virus

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Posted: 21 Aug 2003

Many of you have been worried about being hit by the Sobig-F virus, you can easily defend your GroupWise servers using GWAVA. If you do not currently own GWAVA, you can download a fully functional eval copy at

While Sobig-F has quickly become one of the most successful viruses of all time, it can be easily defeated with GWAVA in several ways (Virus Scanning, Fingerprinting, Content Filtering or Attachment blocking). The simplest method is by setting 2 attachment blocks:


GWAVA will block any message containing either of the above file types. Sobig-F may appear as a variety of file names, but will always use one of those 2 extensions. That's it.

What If You Are Already Infected

GWAVA is the only Anti-Virus solution that protects GroupWise from the inside out.

If you are running GroupWise 5.5 or 6.0, GWAVA will prevent Sobig-F from entering or circulating, and if you are already infected and running GroupWise 6.5, then you can set those attachment blocks and have GWAVA perform a full post office sweep in order to clean it out of your POs.

GWAVA also includes many more features including up to 5 layers of virus protection, as well as 4 levels of spam protection, and Employee E-Mail Surveillance tools. To find out why most of the world's largest GroupWise users rely on GWAVA, or to download the trial version, please visit us at

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