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Cleaning up after Sobig with GWAVA and GroupWise 6.5

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Posted: 22 Aug 2003

GroupWise 6.5 and GWAVA are teamed up to provide unprecedented protection. The Sobig virus has spread faster than most anti-virus software has been able to stop it. If your GroupWise system is infected there is good news. GroupWise 6.5 was specially designed to allow 3rd party products to securely clean and sweep the GroupWise message store at the post office level.

This means that you can now go through your encrypted GroupWise system and clean out the viruses and spam that have got past your defenses. This is done with GWAVA 2.5, the only product to protect GroupWise at the Post Office level. This protection ensures that GroupWise, which is already the most robust and secure collaboration is now even more powerful.

If you don't have GroupWise 6.5 then upgrade now and download your GWAVA evaluation software at to scan your post offices and clean up the system.

One administrator for a large school realized that all of his teachers are coming back to school next week. He knows that Sobig is sitting in the GroupWise message store simply waiting for delayed epidemic. GWAVA is able to go into the message store before the user even opens the mail and cleans out the viruses.

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