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Posted: 1 Jul 2004

Did you know that the GroupWise 6.x documentation is updated regularly?

Several years ago at BrainShare, we received a noticeable number of complaints that the documentation posted on the Novell Documentation page was not current compared to shipping products. The GroupWise writers took this feedback to heart and implemented a program of regularly scheduled doc updates. We also provided ways to make it easier for you to comment on the doc. Phase one was a Feedback button that e-mailed your comments to the GroupWise writers. Now, phase two offers a User Comments window at the bottom of every page of documentation, which provides a more responsive approach.

So what happens if you add a user comment to a page of GroupWise documentation? The GroupWise writers still receive an e-mail. In addition, your comments are added to a data store where we can decide what to do with each comment. Here's what might happen when you make a comment:

  • We approve your comment. An approved comment appears immediately on the doc page it accompanies. If you ask a question, we provide the answer.

  • We deny your comment. Some comments we receive are not helpful to other users in general. Sometimes a user is a bit mixed up and should be looking elsewhere in the doc for the answer. Sometimes a user is making an enhancement request. Sometimes a comment could be better addressed by updating the doc than by posting the comment. If your comment is denied, you should still receive an e-mail response if you have provided your e-mail address.

Approved comments appear immediately, but if we update the doc as a result of your comment, it takes longer for you to see your feedback implemented. We update the GroupWise 6.x doc with every Support Pack and once between Support Packs. This means that doc updates occur every two to four months.

Now for the reality checks:

  • Reality check #1: As GroupWise writers, our first responsibility is to create the doc for the latest GroupWise release. As a result, we often have less time to work on doc updates than we might want.

  • Reality check #2: As GroupWise writers, we are not Support. If the software is not behaving as the doc says it should, and we determine that the doc is correct, we cannot help you resolve the problem. The GroupWise Support Forum is the problem-solving place.

We hope that you'll use the User Comments window to tell us how we can improve the GroupWise doc. We hope that you will include your e-mail address so that we can respond to you. And we hope that you will find our regular doc update process useful as you install, maintain, and use GroupWise as your e-mail program of choice.

P.S. We don't mind receiving a few compliments through the User Comments window. We can't post them, but cheerful words from a happy GroupWise customer can really make our day! :-)

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