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Securing GroupWise 6.5 End to End with SSL

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By Frank Gioffre, Tay Kratzer

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Posted: 11 Sep 2003

Easily Set Up Your GroupWise with Secure Socket Layers and Authentication Certificates

A majority of today's correspondence is electronic in nature with e-mail ranking first and faxes ranking second. Real "pen and paper" correspondence is becoming extinct. It is extremely unlikely that any corporation can avoid sending or accessing sensitive or confidential information over some sort of electronic medium. This raises security concerns about the safety of your data.

In this Novell Connection article, Frank Gioffre and Tay Kratzer explain the need for security as well as the means by which to implement a high-security solution.

Here's an excerpt:

The Need for Enhanced Security

There are many reasons for enhancing your security posture, such as security compliance, sensitivity of the data, and the use of public networks. No matter what the reason, there is a general consensus that our systems all need to be more secure than they are today.

Regulations are one of the driving forces behind the latest push for increased security. If you work in the health care industry you know what kind of stringent requirements HIPAA has placed on all of your systems. Other industries are also under extreme pressure to secure all data systems. You need to be able to implement, document and prove the integrity of your systems.

Every day we all see stories about corporate espionage, hacking or destruction of corporate data. You may be so paranoid by now that you want to do everything necessary to make your e-mail system as secure as humanly possible. You have already taken one step in the right direction by using GroupWise 6.5 as it is the most secure messaging system available.

Read the full story here:

TECH TALK #3 Securing GroupWise 6.5 End to End with SSL
Easily Set Up Your GroupWise with Secure Socket Layers and Authentication Certificates
Novell Connection Magazine - Sept/Oct 2003

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