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Posted: 16 Oct 2003

Novell Smartens Up GroupWise
Secure and stable, version 6.5 is a worthy challenger to Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange

Here's an excerpt:

The question for CXOs and IT management is not ?Should we be using GroupWise in the future?? but rather, ?Why aren't we using GroupWise now??

Today as never before, e-mail is the lifeblood of an enterprise. Phone systems can go down, and executives and junior staffers alike will curse briefly, pull out their cell phones, and get back to work. But when e-mail goes dark, business grinds to a halt. Even if the mail system's host is still running, unplanned outages due to virus attacks, spam overloads, or other mishaps can be costly.

But one vendor, dismissed years ago as an also-ran, provides an enterprise-class collaboration product that has an enviable security track record. The vendor is Novell. The product is GroupWise.

GroupWise lacks any entry whatsoever in the CERT/CC (Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center) vulnerability database. Although not an iron-clad guarantee, this offers businesses a reasonable assurance that a GroupWise system is a lot less likely to be compromised than any other.

Read the full article here. (pdf)

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