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Creating a GroupWise 6.5.1 Automatic Client Installation CD

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By Tay Kratzer

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Posted: 23 Oct 2003

Do you have people in the field without a high-speed connection that you want to upgrade to the GroupWise 6.5 client? Wouldn't it be nice if you could just mail them a CD that they pop in - and the GroupWise install just runs without any prompts? This article is gives a simple procedure for doing this.


  • A Read/Write CD ROM drive.
  • The GroupWise 6.5.1 (Support Pack 1) GroupWise Client CD
  • A blank CD disc


  1. Create a new directory on your hard drive called C:\GW651CD.

  2. Put the GroupWise 6.5.1 GroupWise Client CD in the CD ROM drive.

  3. Copy the AUTORUN.INF and the SETUP.EXE from the root of the GroupWise 6.5.1 GroupWise Client CD to the C:\GW651CD directory.

  4. Copy the \CLIENT directory (and all the contents and subdirectories) from the GroupWise 6.5.1 GroupWise Client CD to the C:\GW651CD directory. So there will be a C:\GW651CD\CLIENT directory (and files and subdirectories) after the copy is complete.

  5. Copy the file SETUP.CFG from the C:\GW651CD\CLIENT directory to the C:\GW651CD\CLIENT\WIN32 directory.

  6. Edit the SETUP.INI and SETUP.CFG files and configure them according to your needs or the technical directives for your organization. See below for more details. These two files should be in the C:\GW651CD\CLIENT\WIN32 directory.

    For example ACME Widgets has laid out the following technical directives for the GroupWise client install:

    1. The client installation is English only
    2. Users should not be prompted to answer any installation questions
    3. Document integrations should be disabled by default
    4. The client-based GWCHECK should be installed

    Here is how you act upon these technical directives:

    NOTE: The SETUP.INI and the SETUP.CFG may be flagged by Windows as read-only. You will have to remove the read-only attribute of these files in order to edit them.

    In the SETUP.INI change the line that reads:




    Edit the SETUP.CFG to fulfill the technical directives explained earlier. There are many other changes you can make, but for the sake of the example technical directives in this article - you would modify the following lines of the SETUP.CFG file as listed below:

    (all apps have a value of  "No")
  7. Burn the contents of the C:\GW651CD directory to the root of the CD-ROM Disc. There should not be a GW651CD directory created on the CD-ROM Disc. The root of the CD-ROM Disc should have just the AUTORUN.INF and the SETUP.EXE files, along with the \CLIENT directory (with the files and subdirectories below it).

What The User Experiences

Your user will put the CD disc in the CD-ROM drive and the GroupWise client installation will automatically install.

NOTE: If for some reason users have disabled the auto-run feature on their CD-ROM drive, then they will need to click the SETUP.EXE at the root of the CD Disc.

More Ideas

Including GroupWise Messenger

You can also install the GroupWise Messenger through the "\CLIENT\WIN32\ADDONS" directory. And the installation for GroupWise Messenger can also be configured to not prompt for any user input. The procedures this are pretty easy, it's just not real straight-forward. Caledonia's GroupWise 6.5 Upgrade Guide explains how to add GroupWise Messenger as a silent installation add-on to the GroupWise 6.5 client installation.

Installing the GroupWise 6.5 From a Web Server Installation Method

Caledonia's GroupWise 6.5 Upgrade Guide also explains other client installation methods such as "SETUPIP" which allows users to install the GroupWise client from a 50 megabyte download image from a web server.

Tay Kratzer
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