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Success Story: L&T e-Engineering Services

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Posted: 30 Oct 2003

Novell GroupWise becomes the lifeline for the design engineering services company, helping to deliver its commitments on time.


L&T e-Engineering Services is a leading provider of CAD/CAM/CAE and Product Data Management (PDM) solutions. Its services portfolio covers the complete product life cycle from conceptual design to analysis, tooling and manufacturing, including PDM, application programming and data conversion.

This division of the renowned engineering giant Larsen & Toubro (L&T) offers Web-enabled engineering services globally for automotive, aerospace, earth-moving, construction equipment, heavy engineering, industrial products, and shipbuilding enterprises. L&T has engineering expertise and domain knowledge in mechanical and electrical engineering spanning six decades in many diversified fields.


The knowledge and expertise of L&T e-Engineering Services is an important differentiator, allowing the company to better understand customer business problems and offer the best e-engineering services.

It is important for L&T to help its customers reduce production time by delivering designs faster, helping its customers be more competitive with a rapid time to market.

L&T needed a reliable collaboration infrastructure to help its e-engineering staff communicate consistently and share critical project information with global customers, many working in different time zones. As client success depends on L&T e-Engineering's ability to provide solutions on time, downtime is never an option.

The company has a significant amount of confidential client information and intellectual property assets, making security a top concern. In addition, L&T e-Engineering has ambitious growth plans, requiring a collaboration and communication infrastructure that will scale to meet future requirements without compromising performance.


?GroupWise has become the lifeline for our operations? even our orders are received via e-mail. With GroupWise, we have reduced our communications costs tremendously, which lowers our overall costs of operation and makes us more competitive.?

?Mr. Vijay Vinchurkar, Senior Deputy
General Manager, L&T e-Engineering Services

After evaluating various options, L&T eEngineering selected Novell GroupWise for enterprise messaging and collaboration. With non-stop reliability and performance, GroupWise allows the company to communicate with customers regardless of geographical boundaries or time zones. L&T e-Engineering project teams can now maintain and monitor joint task lists and effectively collaborate with each other, critical factors for successful completion of projects.

"GroupWise has become the lifeline for our operations—even our orders are received via e-mail," said Mr. Vijay Vinchurkar, Senior Deputy General Manager of L&T e-Engineering Services. "With GroupWise, we have reduced our communications costs tremendously, which lowers our overall costs of operation and makes us more competitive."

Using the Web access capabilities of GroupWise, executives have secure, remote access to e-mail from a standard Web browser, keeping them in touch with employees and customers even while traveling.

The security features built into GroupWise ensure the confidentiality of information and help the company win the trust of its clients. Having signed various non-disclosure agreements with clients, the organization maintains strict security regarding each project. The organization rates archive management as an excellent feature of GroupWise. Archived files are bound to a particular user and cannot be opened byanyone else, even if the files are copied to another location.

From an administrator's standpoint, GroupWise is easy to manage, which reduces administration time and allows the IT staff to focus on other strategic projects. The IT staff asserts that GroupWise is so user-friendly that they don't need to train users to use it, which significantly lowers support costs. Users are also more productive because they can concentrate on their core jobs without spending time trying to figure out a new e-mail system.

The company also values the support it receives from Novell to optimize usage of the numerous features of GroupWise and keep its communication processes running smoothly.


With the majority of its communication today via e-mail, FTP and the Internet, L&T e-Engineering relies extensively on GroupWise for timely and secure communication among clients worldwide. GroupWise helps engineers share information during all stages of a project, including the delivery of finished projects. With effective communication and quick delivery of projects, the company has lowered its overall operating costs and become more competitive in its industry.

"With GroupWise, communication becomes so quick and easy that it's like sitting in front of the customer," said Vinchurkar.

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