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Automating GroupWise using Rules

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Posted: 6 Nov 2003

Extend the Power of GroupWise...Automatically

In this Novell Connection article, BrainStorm Inc. has provided several tips on how to create and use rules for the following:

Tip 1: Easy Archives

Scenario: You and your users are getting more e-mails every day and it's getting harder to efficiently organize and manage them. You can simply delete many of these messages, but you need to keep some of them indefinitely. GroupWise can automatically archive or delete items based on their type and age, which works well if your users want to archive or delete everything of a certain type after it's so many days old. However, most of your users receive items that aren't that important, at least not important enough to keep them indefinitely. Therefore, you may want to give them a way to easily drag and drop items into the archive?allowing them to determine which items are important enough to keep.

Tip 2: forms and files auto-responder

Scenario: Many organizations have forms or files that need to be dispersed to employees, clients or the public upon request. This is often done manually. In other words, someone receives a request e-mail and manually replies and attaches the requested form or file. You would save time if you let GroupWise complete this task automatically.

Tip 3: Auto Filing Rule

Scenario: Have your users ever requested a way in which all items (once read or viewed) from their supervisor could automatically be filed in a folder? This way they always know exactly where those messages are stored.

Get the step-by-step instructions on how to create the rules here:

Extend the Power of GroupWise...Automatically
Novell Connection Magazine - Nov/Dec 2003

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