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Posted: 19 Feb 2004

Like electricity and sliced bread, GroupWise 6.5 features often get taken for granted. From Personal Address Books, to Rules, to Junk Mail handling, GroupWise 6.5 offers some killer capabilities that you can't appreciate unless you have to switch to another email program (heaven forbid!).

The contest is over. Here is a list of the favorite GroupWise 6.5 features that were submitted for the contest.

Your Favorite GroupWise 6.5 Feature - Entries
Lewis Obi

Feature: Groupwise 6.5 Checklist Items
I find this new 6.5 feature to be a lifesaver. I work in a I.T. department and sometimes get swamped with daily requests from our users. The checklist allows me to categorize, prioritize and classify these items as I receive them in my mailbox. No longer are these daily tasks falling thru the cracks. Thank you Novell.

Rob Brown

Feature: Junk Mail Handling
Having to narrow it down to just one function is difficult, there are so many good ones.

As both a user and the administrator though, I would have to put the Junk Mail Handling at the top. I have been using a third party program to handle spam, attachments and such, but with the 'spammers' getting more creative in how they are sending messages, keeping the list of addresses and domains to block was becoming a full-time job in itself. Now it is very simple to empower the users to handle the ones that still come through the GWIA themselves.

I am very happy with its performance and ease of use, and so are my users (which is more important than my feelings <grin>).

Keep the good improvements coming in GroupWise.

Cathy Russell

Feature: Contacts/History
When I am working on a ticket for a user, I enter what I have done so far to fix the problem in the history tab of the user's contact record. I timestamp the entry so I can go back to see what I have tried, what worked and what didn't work. Before this feature I would keep little post-it notes all over my desk.

This feature has definitely cut down on the amount of time researching what has been done so far.

Hans Bloupot

Feature: Attach Object
I had to tell which sites I was planning to block using BorderManager, so I made a print screen copy and then started writing the message. I right clicked in the attachment bar below the message and started using Attach Object. When I finished I saw that GroupWise had created a small representation of the screenshot. When you click on it, it sort of blows up in your face. A very neat feature that I plan to use more often.

Donna Seiser

Feature: Junk Mail Handling
We have been GroupWise users since it was DOS based, used a TSR for Notify, and was called WordPerfect Office. Each version just keeps getting better and better. Our team members wonder why it is not used by more businesses. Don't they get it yet?

One of our favorite new features in GroupWise 6.5 is the Junk Mail option. Before version 6.5, we used 5.5 EP. We were receiving so much spam mail that we finally set up a small server running Windows 2000 and installed a gateway product that filtered our email before it was received by GWIA. It labeled all detected spam mail with the word "junkmail" inserted in the beginning of the subject line. Then our users created a rule in GW to place that mail into a folder named junkmail. Then it could be visually scanned by the user before getting deleted. That worked partially; about 2/3 of junk mail was getting tagged with 1/2 of it getting through to our mailboxes. Monday mornings were just a killer -- having to clean your mailbox of weekend spam before getting to the dozen or so of "real" messages.

After upgrading to GroupWise 6.5, many of us turned on the Junk Mail feature within the email software. We appreciate the ease with which you can right click on a "real" message in the Junk Mail folder and trust it, then move it to your mailbox. Monday mornings are now much more ..., ok, not fun, but more tolerable.

The new interface, colors, categories in GroupWise 6.5 are all terrific. Thanks to Novell for making this product. We have stated for many years that GroupWise has given us more efficiency than any other software we use.

Cori Chappell

Feature: Checklist
I love all of the new features of GroupWise 6.5, but the one that I use the most would have to be the Checklist. As the Novell Admin here on the Texas State Technical College Campus, I get a lot of emails to create accounts, disable accounts, reset passwords, troubleshoot errors, read logs, report on usage, etc., etc. By dropping those "to do" messages in the checklist, I can keep straight what I have already completed, and what I need to do next. Along with prioritizing these items, the checklist is a great tool! I don't know how I ever got along without it! Thanks Novell! Keep the great products coming, You are doing a FANTASTIC job!

Scott Fultz

Feature: Junk Mail Handling
As the main email Admin here, I am constantly fighting the SPAM wars. We have a spam filter at the gateway that stops an average of 65,000 mails per week. With a GroupWise system that includes 800 total users, thats over 8,000 mails EACH in a week. The Junk Mail features will enable my users to further eliminate this nuisance. With the personal Black/ White lists, maybe we can win the battle, if not the war!!!!

Diana Ortega

Feature: The new icon to show if you have replied to a message.
I love this feature! I support about 2,500 people throughout the state of Minnesota, and my mailbox is a pretty busy place. There have been many times that I've scrolled down to the previous day's messages and not known which mails I had answered. Now I can just look and see if the gold arrow is there, if it is then I know that I've replied. A real time saver!

Mike Coonrod

Feature: Personalized Subject
The personalize mail option gives the users an opportunity to assign the mail item a consistent subject defined by you as well as a catagory. This feature by far allows users to find a given mail item later because it now has meaningful properties.

Bettylynne Gregg

Feature: Junk Mail Handling
The feature I like best is the Junk Mail Handling. We upgraded to GroupWise 6.5 over the summer months. Being in an educational setting, we hadn't been hit to heavily with junk mail but before the upgrade to GroupWise 6.5 the SPAM had begun at the school level. We trained all the teachers on the new features of GroupWise at the beginning of the school year and especially focused in on the Junk Mail handling.

I personally like the feature that allows me to block the mail from the initial mail box. If it is an address that had any terms not previously blocked, I can use the block sender to prevent further mail from that address. About once a month, I review the blocked address and then make a determination to block the domain completely. Some of our teachers like to use the Junk Sender feature, which enables them to review the email before it goes into the trash.

I find it very user friendly and easy to train new users on the Junk mail feature.

Michael Bruner

Feature: GroupWise 6.5 Filters
My favorite GroupWise 6.5 feature is the ability to set filters. It is super nice to be able to filter for a specific email address or even a specific domain. I am not particularly good at cleaning out my email inbox, so I keep 1 months worth of mail in my box at any one time. Anything over 30 days is archived.

Often I am trying to find an email and can't remember the whole email address, but I can remember the domain it came from. So, using the filter, I can put in just the domain name. Within seconds I am presented with a nice neat list of only the emails from that domain. If it was over 30 days old, I just switch to the archive, and the filter remains in place. There I only see emails sent to me from the domain in question. I can't tell you how much time this has saved me. Yes, you could do the same with the find function, but in my experience using the filters to be much faster. Also, if you didn't know, you can filter addresses in your address book as well. After defining a separate domain for each of the grade levels in our school such as, I can then use the filter to show me only the seniors. I do this by defining a filter that says email address contains 2004.

Using filters in my opinion is one of the best features of GroupWise 6.5

Chris Miller

Feature: Caching, Remote, Online modes
I really appreciate the ability to access my GroupWise 6.5 messages with a web browser and with the client software.

Concerning the feature-rich GroupWise client software, I am more productive with it since I can access my messages from three distinct office locations without having to worry about which emails are on which desktop.

No matter which office I am working from, I know that I am working with all of my most current sent and received messages while enjoying the fast response time of the GroupWise client software.

Lachlan Johnson

Feature: The From selection box
I like the new From: selection box where I can choose which account to send with. I can now choose to send via an account I have proxy access too, without actually switching to that account. Thats handy for when I wish to reply using our generic support address rather than my own.

I also have a POP3 mail account I use for personal email, however I need to use a different SMTP server when I'm sending from home. (Uni policy, can't send via external SMTP while on the campus network, can't send via internal SMTP while off campus network)

On top of this for each SMTP server I have two different accounts with different display names (full name and nickname).Its now very easy for me to select which account I'm going to send with (out of six choices), and it will show me what display name the email will have before I click send. The 6.0 client would only let me chose the account when clicking the send button.

Ole Mo

Feature: Shared Address Book
In my organization we have a shared address book for our customers, dealers and partners. We put this as the address book for the contact folder. The nice thing about this is that when we enter a contact and click on the history tab, we have a list of all of the correspondence with this contact. Both sent and received items.

I have a second favorite feature too. The news reader. I use the support forums a lot, and often search for a subject on the server (not just the downloaded items) and I can filter both on subject and message.

Dave Bloch

Feature: Categories
I apply a color Category to every Email that comes in (unless it can be just read and deleted). Messages that require immediate work are red, with the label DO NOW! Email requiring some input from a colleague before I move on gets a brown "Follow-up" category. And Email with information for an existing project gets a "Reference" color blue. The colors allow me to do a quick "at a glance" scan anytime.

John Miller

Feature: Categories
I love many of the new features. Here is an article I wrote for our employee newsletter talking about one of my favorites.

Do you receive tons of email? Do you wish there was a better way to organize your email so it made more sense and was easier to keep track of? If you answered "Yes" to these questions, then you are a prime candidate for this edition of GroupWise Tips!

With the new version of GroupWise we can color-code our email into categories. By categorizing the most important email, it is easy to sort through the inbox and (at a glance) determine what needs to be worked on next.

How to make it happen

There are two simple methods to categorize (color-code) your email. The first is performed from the inbox. You can simply right-click on any email and choose Categories from the pop-up menu. That opens up another menu with a listing of four categories: Follow up, Low Priority, Personal, and Urgent. A fifth menu selection is More. (More on that later.)

If you select Follow up you will notice that the color on the email list has changed to orange. If you choose Urgent the color will change to red. Personal is blue and Low Priority is gray. If you like this feature but feel limited by the four selections, simply choose the More option. This brings up a menu where you can create your own categories and adjust the colors to suit your tastes.

The second way to categorize is with an email already open. Under the menu display there are three tabs: Mail, Properties, and Personalize. Choose the Personalize tab. There you'll see a place to type in your own subject line, and a place to choose a category. (The Edit Categories button brings up the same menu we saw when we selected More from the Inbox.)

How I use it - Application

Typically, if I take a day off, I will have fifty emails or more waiting in my Inbox. I quickly go through and categorize as Urgent the ones I need to take care of first, and the ones I need to take care of later I mark as Follow up. The ones that aren't very important I just leave as-is. As I take care of each email, I remove the category then move the email to a storage folder. Throughout the day I can quickly see which email still needs to be taken care of.


You might want to make a category for all email from a certain person, or all email about a specific topic. Go ahead! Give it a try! If it saves you a little time and makes you a little more organized, you'll be glad you did!

Paul Bowser

Feature: Junk Mail Handling
We upgraded to 6.5 just 1 month ago and have already seen dividends. Most of our user(s) received heavy junk-mail and was able to block/delete mail they didn't want. Our district will see a vast improvement as we continue to the rollout to almost 3000 workstations. Now, if we could only block internal addresses. That might make our IT Department a lot less busy.

Bill Lunam

Feature: Personalize Subject Lines
All day I get emails with titles like FW: RE: Server. With the Personalize feature I can change the subject line to something that makes more sense. So when going back though email looking for that vital information I do not have to open every email to see what it holds. This saves me time everyday.

Andres Alomar

Feature: Change Mail Item Type to Task
I often receive email that I reply to and want to trace the status at a later stage.

On the mail toolbar I've added a CHANGE TO TASK Icon. After replying to the mail I want it to "disappear" from the mailbox and by clicking the change to task I can specify a date to trace it on the future, it creates a task with the whole mail including attachments.

When the task start date day arrives I can open the task and select ACTIONS / REPLY / reply privately..
Add the destination and my comments on the mail and VOILA!.
The task still remains on the task list to be completed in "due time"

This feature keeps my inbox clean and my tasks fully loaded...

Cobus Burgers

Feature: Document Management Services
Document Management in GroupWise is a feature that has provided my company with a very powerful and cost effective means of controlling documents. As a Systems Integrator we mostly work on projects where a huge amount of information needs to be generated, shared and processed.

GroupWise Document Management is a great feature if it is implemented correctly. Don't just switch on the libraries - that is not document management. Design it for your business and integrate it with your business processes. This is the way we have done it, and it works great.

Ong Ivan

Feature: Mailbox Space Management
In our office (of 40 staff) we previously used Exchange and had user mailboxes of 300mb to 2gig in size. After I implemented GroupWise 6.5, the whole company is under 2gig and smiling.

Well done on the interface to empowering the user to manage their own mailboxes. I even got our CEO and MD to happily and easily keep track of their mailboxes. Users watch their mailboxes, and the pre-alert on space usage is also another plus.

This has to be the best feature in terms or ROI in dollars and hard disk space.

David McKay

Feature: Disk Space Management
We have 104 educational sites to look after, all with their own GroupWise system. The Pupils used to run away with disk space as they never deleted anything.

Now using Disk Space Management we can make them clean out there old emails without having to constantly remind them, because now GroupWise won't allow them to send any emails once their disk space quota has been reached.

They can still receive homework and other email, but can't reply to them or send new email until they have cleaned out their old mail. Most of which consist of hello what are you doing tonight type rubbish.

Excellent time saving and space saving feature. We no longer have to constantly check on disk space and find out which user is using it all, or run expire and reduce messages, which undoubtedly led to a pupil somewhere loosing important work (even though they were warned in advance). Everyone should use Disk Space Management, we couldn't live without it now.

Steven Henthorn

Feature: Checklist
I work in a Automation department and I get many email service requests. I right click on an email and select 'Move to Checklist Folder' then I can place a full history of the problem and the solution.

The checklist item can be assigned a category and an appropriate color i.e. red for Urgent, blue for Waiting and green for Finished.

When the issue is resolved and the color is green, I then check the completed checkbox.

I have a Rule which activates on the event 'close folder' for the checklist folder, which has the action Archive, this archives all the completed service requests when I check my Mail.

If I need any history of my Completed service requests, I just click my Open Archive button, which I placed on my toolbar.

This is a very useful product, well done Novell.

Mari Baker

Feature: Restore single or multiple emails
Before GroupWise 6.x it was a nightmare to restore a single email for a user. And one didn't even want to think about the fact of having to restore from a very old backup. I worked for days trying to get certain emails restored for a user from a 6 month old backup by restoring the whole post office to a temporary location only then to have to unload my production post office to load the old post office to be able to get into to see the email. Then having to archive all the mail the user wanted, unloading temp. post office, load production po. Hopefully the archive worked so you wouldn't have to do the whole process over again.

I have saved hours & days with the new way GroupWise restores emails.

  1. Just restore the whole PO to a temporary location.
  2. Create a Restore Area Directory in ConsoleOne - Tools, GW system operations, restore area management, create, enter name for object your creating, enter unc path of the temp. post office, click membership tab, add, select production post office, ok, ok.
  3. Open user GroupWise client (this has to be client 6.x or greater, you will not see the option in 5.5 EP), Click file open backup, (if you don't have a Restore area directory created then you will be asked for the unc path of the temp PO)
  4. You should now see the old emails.
  5. To restore right click on the email and choose restore.
  6. When finished, click file open backup again to return to production/current email.

It's as easy as that. It took me matter of 5 minutes to restore every thing I needed. The longest step in this process for me was to restore the old post office to a temporary location from my backup system.

This has made my life much better! Thanks Novell..... :)

Gert ter Burg

Feature: Copy/duplicate items to multiple/shared folders
A great feature is the option to copy one or more items to other folders by pressing the Control key and drag and drop the items to the 'copy to' folder. This gives you two items, and if you delete one of them the other still exists. Only the read/unread status will be synchronized.

This is handy if you organize projects by folders, and certain items are important for more than one project/folder; it's handy if you share folders with others and want to keep a copy for yourself; even more: this way - by sharing a folder, dragging a copy to the shared folder - you can 'publish' items by dragging/copying the items to the shared folder, then the other user just takes it from there the same way and you both have it.

Feature: GroupWise 6.5 Toolbar Enhancements
The toolbar functionality has been enhanced in GroupWise 6.5. The adjustable toolbars (yes, bars, also the second or context sensitive toolbar can be adjusted) is another of my favorite client features with the GroupWise 6.5 client.

I work a lot with shortcuts and like to have my most used functions quick at hand. Also it's possible to show the icon's text or not per button on a toolbar.

BTW, the toolbars in GroupWise 6 were editable too, but could not be reset to the original. GroupWise 6.5 fixes that.

Feature: Viewing attachment in the message body
One of the first and still most handy features of the GroupWise 6.5 client I liked is that if you click on an attachment it opens in the message body view; no need to right click-open or double click it in a separate view. This saves a lot of time and clicks. The properties tab above the message body opens in the message body too.

Vicki Wood

Feature: Frequent Contacts custom settings
A constant headache for our school district has been updated system staff mailing lists that aren't properly synchronizing with the lists as remembered in Frequent Contacts. In spite of address book updates run weekly in GWCheck and multiple reminders to staff to select the list from the system address book to ensure that they are using the most current version of the list, we regularly heard from frustrated staff that they were not getting important communiques.

Last month, we used ZENworks to roll out the GroupWise 6.5 client. We customized the settings in the ZENworks application object so that Frequent Contacts would only save external addresses. (We also customized a few other settings, such as how long to wait before deleting unused addresses.) The rollout went smoothly - in just a minute or two on each machine, the old GroupWise client uninstalled and the new one installed with our preselected settings.

Now when a user synchronizes or removes local addresses from Frequent Contacts, the problem of out-of-date lists is permanently resolved. Our department has eliminated wasted time repeatedly explaining the problem and its solutions, staff members are getting the information they need, and our budget line for aspirin has been trimmed tremendously. ;-)

Hannah Ballou

Feature: Rules
The "Tools" -> "Rules" feature is incredible. Our school routinely sends out massive amounts of campus-wide emails with information that is often totally irrelevant. I'll get hundreds of emails in a day, and to determine which are important used to be very time consuming, as I would need to scan each email to determine whether it was worth my time or not.

Now, I just set up rules: anything that is sent campus-wide is automatically moved to a "Bulk Mail" folder. Spam suspects are sent to a spam suspect folder. Email from any of my friends is sent to a "Friends" folder, while emails from individual professors make it into their own individual folders. I have other rules set up as well, dealing with mailing lists, organizations, and family correspondence.

I can scan over my email list and see which folders have new items, and quickly find out if a class has been cancelled or a friend wants to meet for lunch without wading through the myriads of excess information constantly bombarding me.

The Rules feature easily saves me half an hour a day and much more–it lets me access important information to avoid having problems by missing rescheduled deadlines from professors or my mother's letters from home.

Michel Plamondon

Feature: Automated Response/Rules
We wanted to handle answers from people who were invited to events.

We introduced YES/NO keywords in two mailto: URLs in the body of the message we were sending in this form:

mailto:return email address?subject=keyword

then we created one rule that would look at the object of incoming mail for YES keyword and would move the answer to proper folder and answer the person with automated confirmation email and did the same for NO keyword.

It works...

Sudesh Ratnarajah

Feature: Find/Filter Features
I receive numerous emails from several of my subordinates and some of these emails are often shelved in the various folders that I have created in my mailbox. I would often not be able to find these emails but there are a few features that help me do this.

  1. The counter next to each folder shows the number of unread/unopened email in that folder so I am aware that there are "unattended" emails in those folders. Since I use Rules to sort incoming emails this is a real time-saving feature.

  2. The filter enhancement in the use of categories is another time-saving feature. I can sort emails according to their priority, or if they are personal emails, require replies, etc. The emails are then sorted by colour depending on the category that I had assigned them to. I can then just display the emails that I have categorized as urgent, for example, using the Show feature and simply have the urgent emails displayed in my mailbox!

  3. I can use the Find feature to search for emails in my mailbox according to a subject or partial subject or even the text in the email!

Steve Gaither

Feature: Recover Deleted Account
GroupWise 6.5 offers a very simple process in recovering a deleted user account that has saved so many headaches when a few of my user moves went bad. Even when the NDS and GroupWise account was deleted it was simple to recover. A good backup of the Domain and PO restored make recovering the account and the user mail too simple. I just can't let my users know how easy this process is.

Dave Banks

Feature: IMAP Account Support in the client and POA
We recently began a migration from two different E-Mail systems - ancient text-based All-In-1 running on Dec VAX and an ISOCOR-based mail system with an Outlook (yech!) front-end - to GroupWise v6.5. While management decreed that E-Mail stored in the old Dec system was doomed, it was imperative to be able to move the ISOCOR-based E-Mail.

The GroupWise v6.5 client software's ability to simultaneously access the user's GroupWise mailbox and an IMAP message store, and freely move E-Mails between the two, was invaluable. We saved at least $2,000 by not having to shell out for migration tools that management was balking at buying. This capability has also eased the transition for the user population, who can still "see" their old mailbox and transfer information at their leisure, rather than having to rush.

Similarly, the ability of the POA to support IMAP directly made it easy to move E-Mail from local Outlook mailboxes, where some people has stuck their E-Mail to get it off the ISOCOR server. Again, this saved hours of time and thousands of dollars by enabling the users to move their own mail at their own pace.

Yves Bonhommeau

Feature: Bulk create/move users to a brand new tree with extra field contents
Here's a good way to move users from a tree to a brand new tree:

  • Save your wpdomain.db (Domain database) from the old tree
  • Extend schema on the new tree (GroupWise's install feature)
  • Use the "prune and graft feature" to import users from the saved wpdomain.db using management tool with GW snapins.

You will see that you have imported contents of some extra fields that are useful in a LDAP environment (ex. : telephone/fax number)...

Ramesh Daryani

Feature: GroupWise Instant Messenger
GroupWise Messenger is included with GroupWise 6.5, through which all the GroupWise users can chat with each other in the intranet without requiring any internet connection. I think this feature of Groupwise 6.5 makes it unique amongst the other mailing servers.

Sharon Cleaver

Feature: Checklist View
I like the Clicklist View because it allows me to take any folder in my Folder List and have is display in a Checklist View.

So what I have done is folders that have items that I need to follow-up on changed them to be displayed in the Checklist View format so that I can prioritize them and when I have completed the whatever needs to be done with the item, I check it off.

I use this feature daily because of the many email request I get from users and it has saved me time looking through the many folders have created.

Prior to GW 6.5 I would have to look at the task I created for myself on a daily calendar. It was tedious and I finally just gave up trying to organize them.

The Checklist View feature has saved me greatly in time. I would say between 20% and 25% of my working day.

Gene Homan

Feature: POA Internet Proxy Access
Our company's Security department does not allow our GWPOA's running in our Intranet to have NATed addresses through our Firewall (Hosted Services only allowed in the DMZ). When I found out that you can have a GWPOA in the DMZ that can do the "Proxying" for all of the GWPOA's within the Intranet, I was surprised. I thought that the GWPOA in the DMZ would only do client TCP/IP Redirection of the Full client to the NATed IP Address and Port of each GWPOA running in our Intranet. This great feature is ONLY documented well in the ATT GroupWise course book on page 119 where it is explained to some degree. Otherwise this feature is not understandable just reading the on-line GroupWise documentation at, which does not explain the Addresses of "X", "Y" & "Z" like the diagram on page 120 in the ATT book.

Now with this solution, we have a secure solution that did not involve any major GroupWise system changes. This is a great admin feature for all users of the GroupWise system.

Dan Martin

Feature: Junk Mail Handling
Junk Mail Handling is by far the best feature in GroupWise 6.5 to save our users time and our company money. This is very important in a fast paced Investment Firm.

Until our upgrade to GroupWise 6.5, spam was becoming more and more of a problem. Now that we have Junk Mail Handling right in the client it enables our users to filter unwanted email easily. Our end-users range in computer literacy but this has been easy for all of them to understand and use daily. Some of our Retail assistants were spending as much as three to four hours per week sifting through unwanted email for our associates.

No More.

Before GroupWise 6.5 and Junk Mail Handling was available there was little we could do about spam. We had some users setting up rules that just didn't have much effect. We were at the point of looking into costly third party spam filtering software that not only had a hefty price but required new hardware and time for implementation and maintenance.

GroupWise 6.5 Junk Mail Handling has saved our company literally thousands of dollars on implementation and everyday as it continues to work for us, not to mention a lot of this administrator's time.

Eduard Frankes

Feature: GroupWise Messenger
I am a systems operator at a educational facility in Bussum Holland. All the students, with one or two exceptions, love to use Messenger, the Microsoft or Yahoo instant Messengers. This was a very big security issue, because of viruses.

With GroupWise Messenger, I can secure the connections, because we can use it without the need for a outside connection, and my students are still happy, and I am happy because this saves me time and the school money.

On average this has saved me at least one or two days a month, because I don't have to go hunt for viruses. I only have to keep my BorderManager, GWAVA, and virus scanners updated, because the messenger backdoor has been shut tight.

With the integration of GroupWise Messenger, the students can send and receive E-mail and use messenger in one easy go.

Diane Stuhr

Feature: Checklist
I like to view my mailbox as a checklist then I drag the emails for projects I am working on or need to do up to the checklist. That way the most important mail in my mailbox stays at the top.

Sudesh Ratnarajah

Feature: Different modes of access using the 6.5 client
There are essentially three modes of access that GroupWise 6.5 client offers. Remote, cache and online modes. As the administrator of the GroupWise system (and being the ONLY one in a leading telecommunications company in Malaysia having 4000+ staff!) I often found it hard to advice our mobile users on an efficient and simplistic way of accessing their GroupWise mailbox when on the move. There were many problems with being able to access the mailbox when at home and using their notebook. Using the ASYNC gateway was one method, where we had several modems connected to one data switch which was connected to the ASYNC gateway. We also offered the call back feature so that the user did not have to bear the cost of the phone call. This was becoming quite expensive due to the cost of maintaining 6 modems, the ASYNC gateway, the switch and the callback (especially), since most of our users traveled overseas. Being able to access the archive was another problem. Saving the emails took too much time and did not save in a format that is readable by more popular applications other than word perfect. So we were stuck with the ASYNC mode for users to be able to access their archive. Two icons had to be created on the desktop so that users would be able to login to their remote mailbox when required (using the /ps switch) and using another icon when logging into their online mailbox (using the /ipp and /ipx switches).

GroupWise 6.5 is a god send! As a result we have saved on:

  1. Help desk calls regarding GroupWise. This has reduced the number of calls that come in regarding GroupWise problems. We are also saving on resources used to troubleshoot these problems on-site. The messaging system itself portrays a better image on its stability. We now have uses who are very happy with the fact that they can be typing an email in a plane for example and when they get hooked on to a network are able to send and receive emails.
  2. Purchasing of another software for the reading of saved emails. Now GroupWise is able to save the emails in txt and doc formats making it much easier.
  3. Users can switch between the two modes with a click of a button and do not need two icons on their desktop. Managing and setting up remote access for users is much easier. Users can choose cache mode if they want their entire mailbox to sit on the local drive or remote if they just want selected folders to be downloaded to the local drive.

This is such a time saving and cost effective feature which we find invaluable in our organization.

Robyn Stewart

Feature: Calander Options
message: The improved calander options assist our VIP users including executive Managers and their PA.

The ability to print in Html is great, as is the ability to view multiple users calanders at one time. This allows the PA's to see where multiple Exec's are at a glance. Also reduces the number of busy searches on the system.

This is my favourite improved feature at the moment as we have had a change of staff and not one user had to phoned for support. They took to the feature on their own.

Diane Gorman

Feature: Junk Mail Handling
With the ability to control out own destiny with Junk Mail for the very first time I feel that this feature is far and above anything that has come before. I have completely blocked the "Morning Junk" that took up so much of my time and as the GroupWise 6.5 administrator for St. Lucie County Florida, it has given our users a feature that they truely love. I get incredible feedback from the users on this...Good Job.

Chris Brinkworth

Feature: Junk Mail Handling
Before Junk Mail Handling we used Spam Assassin in the effort to reduce the glut of unwanted spam that enters our GroupWise system each day. On average, our 45 GroupWise users receive 2500 emails daily with spam accounting for roughly 40-65% of that volume. Spam Assassin performed adequately but it required that I constantly maintain our 'definitions' of spam. This administration cost me productivity and end-users wanted to be empowered to counter spam without IS intervention. We implemented GW 6.5 for its anti-spam feature, among other things. For the first three months we ran the Junk Mail Handling along side Spam Assassin. I turned Spam Assassin off and our GW user community never knew the difference!

The 'white list' approach of using the GW acct address book to validate trusted source messages is a very cool approach to this problem. It doesn't require that someone manipulate some separate database or file, and it allows our end-users to define what they consider spam. And since this feature empowers our users in dealing with spam, it frees my time away from this issue and increases my productivity. The fact that those users can simply go into a folder in GW and determine what emails are good and then quickly trust those senders, is an additional blessing. So while the amount of spam that enters our system has not decreased, the actual amount that filters to our end-users has.

And this feature is so cool, a local integrator, who sells a packaged service that included Spam Assassin, has taken notice and wants to develope a feature for Spam Assassin that interacts with an Outlook address book to function as its white list.

***NOTE*** I'm not totally discounting Spam Assassin. It should work fine for non-GW 6.5 systems, especially if run along side a product like Guinivere, which we use religiously.

Mark Kearns

Feature: GroupWise 6.5 Client Calendar
We are very pleased with all of the new features of GroupWise 6.5, but the one that I use the most would have to be the calendar. Working in an engineering firm you meet a lot of folks. Keeping meetings can be a full time job. I really appreciate the the new look and especially all the new tool bars. The junk mail option is also worth mentioning. We get spammed a lot and this will be a great time saver. Thanks Novell!

Rosario Pennisi

Feature: Real-time Blacklists and Default Password for News Users
I've used GroupWise since v4.1!!! and I have appreciated the new features in every version of this fantastic product.

I prefer administrator's features. In this version use the Real-Time Blacklists. I have defined blacklist sites through the Internet Agent page in ConsoleOne. Another favorite feature is the Default Password for New Users. The Helpdesk can create a new user without contacting the GroupWise administrator.

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