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Staying Organized with Checklists

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By Kathy Frandsen

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Posted: 15 Jan 2004

Current version: GroupWise 6.5

Are you one of those who thrive on checklists-in your planner, on your fridge, or stuffed into your purse? Then you'll sit up and take notice of what we heard from Lewis O.:

I work in an IT department and sometimes get swamped with daily requests from our users. The checklist allows me to categorize, prioritize and classify these items as I receive them in my mailbox. No longer are these daily tasks falling through the cracks.

It's true: not only can you create a checklist in GroupWise, but you can even prioritize the items you list! That's not all: you can easily keep track of what you've already done and what you need to do next. When it comes right down to it, this could cause some serious competition for those day planners out there. . .and could even displace those scraps of paper so lovingly taped to your monitor.

Simply stated, this is a great way to grab from your inbox the stuff that requires action on your part and to help you get it done on time. And it's incredibly simple to do. Next thing you know, you'll be the best-organized person on your staff.

Ready? From the list of folders on the left, find the Checklist folder. Now simply drag a couple of those email messages from your boss from your inbox into the Checklist folder.

Now open the Checklist folder by clicking once on it. There are the requests from your boss, all in a neat little row.

Want to prioritize them? It's easy: use the arrows (, , , and ) just under the toolbar to move stuff around. Go ahead and shuffle all you want until your messages are in the right order.

Maybe some of your items have specific due dates, and you want to see those when you glance at your list. No problem: double-click the item to open it. Just under the toolbar you'll see four tabs; click the Checklist tab. Where it says Due on:, click the little calendar icon. Pick your date, and close the item. On your checklist, right after the subject, you'll see the due date. Simple as that.

BTW, we're sure you already noticed this, but you can also use the Checklist tab to switch the order of your item-just in case you change your mind about priorities while you're choosing a due date (which, uh, sometimes happens to us).

Finally, see the little checkboxes to the left of each item in the Checklist? When you've completed an item, check it off by clicking the box. Aha! A checkmark appears. If you're one of those people who likes to see everything you've accomplished that day, just leave it there. If you like to keep things clean and simple, highlight the item and hit your Delete key. It's gone, and you're left with only the unfinished tasks in the list.

Okay, that's all well and good, but what if you need to create the items for your checklist? No way to drag and drop those. But, good news: creating your own is almost as easy.

  1. Click the Checklist folder. Click the position in the checklist where you want to add your new item. (For example, if you want your new item to be second on the list, click the second item.)

  2. Click the down-arrow on the icon on the toolbar, then click Posted Message.

  3. Type your subject and message (in other words, your task), then click Post (the little yellow pushpin).

  4. Your message is now in the Checklist folder, exactly where you wanted it. You can add to it any time by opening it, clicking the Mail tab, and typing away.

A final tip to quell potential confusion: if you're curious enough to open the Checklist folder before you put any items in it, you'll see some simple instructions. Don't worry: they disappear as soon as you put an item in your checklist.

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