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How to Reconstruct a GroupWise Archive

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Posted: 12 Feb 2004

Novell Technical Support: TID10090951

You can reconstruct a GroupWise Archive if you have a good MSG.DB and the correct BLOBs associated with that MSG.DB. If you do not have a good MSG.DB and the associated BLOB files you will need to restore the Archive from backup.


You need to know the current path to the Archive, the FID for the user. The path can be obtained from within the GroupWise Client as the owner of the Archive by going to Tools > Options > Environment > File Locations. The FID (File ID) can be obtained in ConsoleOne in the Properties of User (GroupWise Account) who owns the Archive.

  1. Have the user exit the GroupWise Client on the workstation containing the Archive.

  2. Make a copy of the current OFXXXARC (XXX represents the FID for the user) directory. This is done to preserve the good MSG.DB and associated BLOB files.

  3. Remove the current NGWGUARD.* files, USER.DB, MSG.DB, INDEX directory, and NGWCHECK.DB from within the OFXXXARC directory.

  4. Start the GroupWise Client as the owner of the Archive. Have the user send themself a message. Click on File > Open Archive - this will create the NGWGUARD.DB, NGWGUARD.DC, and USER.DB. Click on File > Open Archive to go back to the normal Mailbox. Highlight the mail item you sent to yourself, right click and choose Archive (GW6) or Move to Archive (GW65). This will create a new MSG.DB. Exit the GroupWise Client.

  5. Start Windows Explorer and go to the OFXXXARC directory. You will now see new database files (USER.DB, MSG.DB, NGWGUARD.DB, NGWGUARD.DC with current date and time stamps). Delete the new MSG.DB, copy in the good MSG.DB (from Step 2).

  6. Start the standalone GWCHECK > for Database Type choose Archive, In Database Path specify the path to the OFXXXARC (C:\archive\ofqqqarc), change the Action to Re-Create User Database, Click on Run. What this will do is scan the good MSG.DB for any messages, re-create the user database, and put all the Mail Items in the Cabinet folder. Since all the Mail Items are under the Cabinet folder you will need to drag the items back to the correct folders for organizational purposes.

If the above does not work, the MSG.DB is most likely corrupted and/or the BLOBs belong to a different MSG.DB. You will need to go to backup and restore a good copy of the Archive before the problem.

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