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Making It Clear: Personalized Subjects

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By Kathy Frandsen

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Posted: 4 Mar 2004

Current version: GroupWise 6.5

You've been there–frantically scanning through the emails you've received, looking for that request from your boss about next week's meeting. It's easy to find your boss's name; it's there at least a zillion times. What's not so easy is finding the request she sent you.

Why? Because the info about next week's meeting is buried somewhere in a meandering trail of messages about something else completely that bounced around the department for a couple of days. And since they were all replies or forwarded, all of them have the same subject line.

Better pack a sack lunch and start cracking: you have a lot of email messages to open in the next hour!

Well, take a deep breath and wipe your fevered brow, because that agony is a thing of the past. Did you know that GroupWise 6.5 lets you personalize the subjects of emails you've received? Read what Bill L. has to say about it:

All day I get emails with subjects like FW:, RE: and Server. The Personalize feature lets me change the subject line to something that makes more sense. Then when I have to go back through email looking for vital information, I don't have to open every message to see what it holds. It saves me time every day!

Ready to simplify your Mailbox–and your life? It's easy. We promise! Simply start with the opened item from either your Mailbox or your Calendar. Right between the toolbar and the gray header area are three tabs; click the Personalize tab.

A text box will pop up. Just type a new subject–one that perfectly describes what the message contains–in the My Subject text box. Then simply close the item. Check it out: there, in your Mailbox, is the email, boasting your new subject in the subject area.

But what if you need to see the original subject again? No problem. Simply open the email and look at the gray header area. The original subject is still there. (Remember: nothing is permanent except death and taxes!) But your Mailbox will continue to display your personalized subject in the list of items you've received unless you change it again.

In case you tend to get frivolous, be aware that anyone who proxies for you will also see your personalized subject; this is probably not the time to slap disparaging labels on the guy down the hall. And what if the item is in a shared folder? You probably don't want everyone else seeing an item with a subject of, "Hideous client experience." No need to worry: other users of the shared folder will see only the original subject.

It all sounds good, but will this mess up your ability to search for a word in your subject line later on? Nope. If you perform a Find using a specific word in the Subject field, GroupWise will find all the emails with subject lines–original and personalized–that contain that word. And here's a cool trick: if you create an Advanced Find, you can use the Subject field to search for the original subject, and you can use the My Subject field to search for your personalized subject.

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