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Success Story: Extraco Bank Improved Security and Reduced Costs by Replacing Microsoft with Novell

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By Liz Tanner

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Posted: 1 Apr 2004

PROOF POINT: Banking on Big Rewards
Extraco Bank Significantly Improved Security and Reduced Costs by Replacing Microsoft with Novell
Novell Connection Magazine - March/April 2004

Here's an excerpt:

Extraco is the largest independent financial institution in Central Texas with more than 70,000 customers and over 500 employees. Extraco, headquartered in Waco, Texas, offers trust, insurance, investments, mortgage and technology solutions to complement its traditional bank product line.


With technology related projects and responsibilities nearly tripling over the past few years, Extraco's limited number of IT personnel were overwhelmed with the administrative support required to maintain its Microsoft BackOffice and Windows desktop environment. With the increased number and frequency of security updates released by Microsoft, the amount of time spent testing and applying patches quickly became a full-time job. Because of this, the IT department could not move forward with strategic goals without additional resources.

Extraco was also dissatisfied with the capabilities of its Microsoft Exchange e-mail system. Without centralized administrative tools to manage message archival and deletion policies, storage space became a problem. In addition, the server had to be taken offline in order to perform maintenance on the mail database, which resulted in user downtime and extra off-hours work for IT personnel. Extraco used Microsoft SMS for both server and desktop management, but became frustrated with its unreliable deployment of applications and patches throughout the organization. The workstation management and inventory components of SMS also failed to meet the needs of the company.

IT struggled to maintain its hardware and software infrastructure, and spent days on the road maintaining that infrastructure at its 16 locations. The company needed a reliable solution that would control costs, enable centralized administration, and facilitate a secure environment through the deployment of applications and patches.

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