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Can Spam Today! Forever - Executive Guide

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By Messaging Architects

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Updated: 14 Jul 2005

Can Spam Today! Forever

Spam is no longer considered an annoyance. It is an attack on the bottom line of organizations worldwide. Moreover, the spam plague shows no signs of weakening and legistlation alone is not enough to "Can Spam". The consequences range from bandwidth eaten up by unsolicited messages to email-propagated virus or worm outbreaks that damage your system and hinder productivity.

  • Learn how spammers and hackers are exploiting your enterprise messaging servers
  • Evaluate the most attractive spam-fighting technologies
  • Understand the importance of implementing a multi-layered anti-spam solution

Novell and Messaging Architects have partnered together to answer these questions. If you are serious about protecting your messaging system and increasing the security of your business communications in order to focus on your business, then you must read this Executive Guide.

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