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New GroupWise Data Migration Reporting Tool!

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Posted: 20 May 2004

When attached to any server with shared storage using NetWare 4x/5x/6x or Windows, this software product will proceed to analyze the status of all GroupWise storage contained on that server. It provides an age record of the last time all data was accessed and, based on storage trends, can predict future storage needs.

GroupWise storage has become the biggest problem in most data centers. With the aid of the Storage Analyzer, you will be able to assess your current storage availability and plan future storage needs. This executive tool is provided free of charge to GroupWise administrators to visually demonstrate the effects and benefits of GWArchive Policy, Export and Storage Manager for GroupWise.


The Storage Analyzer is comprised of three system components:

  1. Data Acquisition
  2. Migration simulation
  3. Reporting

The migration simulation component allows the operator to specify policies and parameters found in the GWArchive data migration product. Applying these policies to the database, the operator can try out the Hierarchical Storage Management functionality and experience its potential benefits for a number of "what-if" scenarios without affecting any production files or servers.

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