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Posted: 27 May 2004

"Each company is faced with a different need from their Anti-Spam solution. Smart Blocker allows an IT Manager to teach GWAVA what is real email and what is SPAM. This is invaluable for reducing incorrect blocking of real email."

Charles Taite, CTO

Newest version of company's flagship product introduces Smart Blocker? for Anti-Spam protection as well as built-in SQL support

GWAVA 3 introduces Smart Blocker?, an intelligent learning engine for GWAVA's Heuristics Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus engine. Smart Blocker allows GWAVA to learn over time, what constitutes the difference between legitimate email and SPAM.

Viruses can enter in through Instant Messaging, Web downloads and free email services. GWAVA 3, because it sits inside the GroupWise system, is the only product on the market to be able to scan live internal email traffic as well as to scan the encrypted GroupWise databases to discover dormant viruses that have slipped past perimeter defenses.

GWAVA 3 also introduces SQL database support. Over 50% of Internet email traffic is now SPAM. Without database support, Anti-Spam engines are not able to keep up with the load. GWAVA 3 ships with a bundled SQL database to keep the costs of deploying Anti-Spam solution at a minimum.

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