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Teacher's Pet: The Right Answers for GroupWise Remote

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By Eric Raff

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Posted: 3 Jun 2004

Tech Talk #4 - Teacher's Pet, by Eric Raff
The Right Answers for GroupWise Remote
Novell Connection Magazine - May/June 2004

Here's an excerpt:

It's 10 p.m and you've just arrived at the hotel after a long flight. You still have to check your e-mail and respond to some important messages about an appointment tomorrow morning with a highprofile customer. You boot your laptop, connect to the hotel's Internet connection and fire up your VPN client. After several unsuccessful attempts to connect, you call your company's 24x7 helpdesk. They tell you that there is a network problem preventing you from connecting. So you launch your browser and begin checking your e-mail through GroupWise WebAccess. Then, you start mumbling, "There must be a better way to still use the GroupWise client without the overhead of a VPN client." Imagine how productive you'd be with a consistent messaging environment wherever you needed access to your mailbox. No more calls to the helpdesk when you can't connect to your VPN. Then suddenly, you realize that you just dozed off and your browser session has timed out. So you log back in and resume your work still muttering, "There must be a better way." Well, there is.

In today's world, users need access to applications from anywhere, often at any time. Many times these applications are Web enabled so you just need a browser for access. Novell GroupWise is the leader in browser-based access to e-mail from a wide variety of devices. However, there are situations where you need access to your GroupWise account while using the power of the full GroupWise client. You can enhance productivity dramatically by providing users the ability to access their GroupWise mailbox from any Internet connection. Users gain tremendous time savings by not having to fuss about what configuration option to select, know if they need a VPN client, or worry about how secure a particular connection is.

This article outlines a simple solution that empowers your users to get their jobs done literally anytime from anywhere. It gives them access to their mailbox using the full GroupWise client (which is now supported on Windows, Macintosh and Linux) from any Internet connection in a fast, secure and reliable manner.

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