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Creating an Un-Read Mail Folder

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By Tay Kratzer

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Posted: 10 Jun 2004

Audience: GroupWise 6.5 Windows Client Users

Purpose: Create a folder that shows the un-read items in the user's main mailbox folder.

The Pitch: Some users have enough items in their mailbox that they would like to just see the items that are in their main mailbox, that they have not opened. The solution makes a solution in which an ?Un-Read? folder is just one click away within the GroupWise Windows client.

Tay Kratzer
  1. In the GroupWise 6.5 for Windows client select Tools|Find

  2. Make sure that the ?Find? tab is selected, not the ?Find by Example? tab.

  3. In the Item type area, place a check mark next to ?Mail?

  4. In the Look in: area, uncheck all boxes that are checked by default

  5. Expand the system folder that shows the user's name, and select the checkbox next to the ?Mailbox? choice. See Figure 1.

  6. Figure 1: Creating Find Criteria

  7. Now select the ?Advanced Find? button.

  8. Click on the ?End? button the right and select ?And? to bring up the additional find fields. See Figure 1

  9. In the Advanced Find field on the left, select from the drop-down list ?Item Status?. See Figure 1.

  10. In the middle operator field on the right, select ?! Does Not Include? See Figure 1.

  11. In the Advanced field on the right, select from the drop-down list ?Read?. See Figure 1.

  12. Click OK after defining the Advanced Find fields.

  13. Click OK to display the Find results window, as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2: Find Results

  14. From the Find Results window (as shown in Figure 2) select File|Save As Folder

  15. Name the folder, for example the name could be Un-Read Mail

  16. Use the Up, Down, Right and Left buttons to put the new Un-Read Mail folder in the location you would like it to be in.

  17. Select the ?Finish? button to save the Find folder as a permanent folder in GroupWise.

    When you select the Un-Read Mail folder you will only see mail items that have not been read. You can also use the column headers to sort by date or other sort criteria if you would like. See Figure 3.

  18. Figure 3: The Un-Read Mail Folder

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