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Deploying Novell GroupWise with Novell Nterprise Branch Office 2.0 Implementation Guide

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Posted: 24 Jun 2004


The need for reliable, full service e-mail and calendaring can be critical for branch and remote offices associated with a central corporate site. Users should be able to correspond, communicate and schedule time and resources from branch offices with the same ease and using the same tools as at headquarters. Novell? Nterprise Branch Office? 2.0 includes a GroupWise? post office agent (POA) which can be activated on any branch office appliance to provide end users with full service e-mail, calendaring and scheduling. Branch office users are able to communicate and collaborate using the full-featured GroupWise client with store and forward messaging to a central GroupWise message transfer agent (MTA). To end users, GroupWise functionality is complete and transparent? the same as if they were resident on a centralized network.

Nterprise Branch Office/GroupWise accommodates the sometimes slow and intermittent connections between a remote office and the central site. The GroupWise POA, in addition to forwarding and receiving messages, acts as a cache that holds messages for transfer when connections are down or bandwidth is low. As a result, companies that implement Nterprise Branch Office and GroupWise can provide quality messaging and calendaring that conforms to corporate standards while being managed and administered as part of a comprehensive centralized solution. The remote office POA appears as just another post office in the corporate eDirectory? tree.

This document overviews the architecture and outlines the steps required to implement GroupWise as part of an Nterprise Branch Office solution. The benefits include full service collaboration for branch office users, simplified management and a consistent, comprehensive corporate messaging infrastructure.

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