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GroupWise Document Management Solutions
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The GroupWise Document Management Solutions site contains partner solutions, and articles to help you get the most out of Novell GroupWise Document Management.

If you have a Document Management solution you would like to share, send it to us and we'll add it to the site.

Document Management Partner Solutions

url: www.computhink.com
Contact: sales@computhink.com
Phone: 800-98-THINK

Computhink provides feature rich IDM/Image Enabling solutions for the Novell/Netware/eDirectory based market. Our solutions are engineered to facilitate simplicity, ease of installation and use, complemented by robust reliability with minimal administration. These options are:

ViewWise Enterprise Edition
Viewwise is a feature-rich Integrated Document Management / Image Enabled Solution for the small to medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Market. The features and functionality of its flagship product line ViewWise rival products offered by major industry leaders to the nation’s largest customers. Our solutions are engineered around the needs of the SME market, ie. simplicity of installation, use, support and maintenance. ViewWise is specifically designed to operate in both WEB and LAN based environments, leverage an SME firm’s existing investment in their IT infrastructure, and operate on a variety of distributed and centralized topologies, with the ability to integrate with other software applications within diverse operating environments.

GroupWise Agent
For those Users that use GroupWise primarily as an e-mail platform and require a full featured and comprehensive IDM solution, Computhink offers ViewWise Enterprise and the new GroupWise Agent.

Email Archive Service for GWAVA
The ViewWise Email Archive Service processes all incoming and outgoing email messages, including attachments, which have been scanned and filtered through GWAVA for GroupWise® and archives them into the ViewWise Integrated Document Management system. Once in ViewWise the content can be searched for, retrieved, viewed, and if necessary re-used.

GroupWise Imaging
GroupWise Imaging merges the traditional separate areas of desktop and electronic publishing into a single collaborative imaging environment at a desktop price point. It allows users to capture, view, store, edit, annotate and e-mail scanned document images across corporate networks and intranets via the GroupWise Universal MailBox®.

Additional Info:

Caledonia Network Consulting
url: www.caledonia.net

Caledonia Network Consulting is an energetic communications company, dedicated to providing quality GroupWise support, training, documentation and utilities. Our engineers have been using "GroupWise" since 1989, when its predecessor was known as WordPerfect Office 2.0. We have been involved closely with every version of the product since that time. Caledonia Network Consulting is experienced in all aspects of GroupWise, from design and installation, to training of administrators and end-users.

Using Find Results Folders for Document Management - New
GroupWise expert Danita Zanrè explains how to use the Find Results Folder as a means of keeping your documents handy without cluttering up your mailbox.

Document Management with Novell GroupWise - ebook
The only reference of its kind on the market today, Document Management with Novell GroupWise provides insights into the GroupWise Library, Novell's document management system that is built into GroupWise.

GWCHECK Log File Parser
This tool is for more than DMS issues, the functions that recover orphaned documents from the library and build an import file to put them back in with their original document number is a true "must have" for DMS sites.

GroupWise Document Information Reviewer
One of those tools that we all wish was built into GW, but just isn't - can run reports, is used often in conversion projects where companies are moving from Word to WordPerfect (or vice versa) to update all of the document extensions, etc. Allows exports of subsets of the library based on any document field. A very useful tool for any serious document management site.

GroupWise Transfer Folder Utility
This tool allows an administrator to change the owner of a shared folder from one user to another. Since shared folders often get created in DMS sites this tool can be useful in managing the folder ownership.
Products: DocuWise™
url: www.2ndc.com

With 2ndC DocuWise™ you will improve your ways of managing all kind of information across your organization. 2ndC DocuWise gives you the ability to reduce time on creating, deleting, saving, searching, modifying and not at least sharing information in a secure and efficient way.

2NDC Denmark A/S DocuWise™ Document Management System (DMS)
DocuWise™ integrates the best from the image database in GroupWise® and the relational and table based information in the SQL Database.

url: www.comunet.com.au/groupwise/index.html
Comunet can assist you with integrating the GroupWise document management system within your business and increase productivity by decreasing the amount of time it takes to locate and manage documents on your system.

Comunet has engineers dedicated to providing GroupWise consulting and support services. These engineers work closely with clients and Novell to implement and support complex GroupWise environments.

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