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Advansys Formativ 1.5 - Unlimited Solutions for GroupWise
GroupWise Cool Solutions Article
by Advansys

Posted: 25 July 2002

Introducing Advansys Formativ 1.5
Unlimited Solutions for GroupWise

Advansys Formativ enables you to extend and integrate GroupWise in just about any way you want. A wide range of ready-to-use GroupWise enhancements, powered by Formativ, offer immediate and cost effective solutions to everyday business needs. In addition, Formativ lets you to create your own, completely new, GroupWise functionality. Tailoring GroupWise to address your business requirements is fast and seamless. So when the question is asked, "Can GroupWise do this?", with Formativ installed the answer can be an emphatic "Yes!".

The new Formativ 1.5 product range has been significantly expanded and offers a broader choice of solutions. A hallmark feature of 1.5 is the new Web technology support, such as the Formativ Portal Manager™, which provides extensive support for displaying and managing information as Web style views and forms directly within the GroupWise client.

The Formativ 1.5 product range includes:

  • Formativ Business Solutions Pack - A set of professional, pre-written applets which address a range of common GroupWise enhancement requests.

  • Formativ Runtime - Low cost option for running an unlimited number of Formativ solutions for GroupWise.

  • Formativ Developer - Low cost option for creating, editing and running an unlimited number of solutions for personal or corporate use.

  • Formativ Admin - Create, edit, run and manage (via eDirectory/NDS) an unlimited number of solutions. Includes full support for secure, centralized Novell eDirectory management and distribution of Formativ solutions for GroupWise.

There is something for everyone in the GroupWise community, whether you use, support or develop solutions for GroupWise. Take a look below to see how Formativ 1.5 can benefit you.

All GroupWise users

  • Free Web style Today calendar views and No Junk Mail solutions. Two cool Web style calendar views, Standard and Winter, are supplied with all versions of Formativ. Also included, to help you stem the never-ending flow of spam, is the popular No Junk Mail solution.

  • Enhanced Business Solutions Pack. Building on more than 20 solutions which shipped with Formativ Admin 1.0, new and updated GroupWise enhancements include Formativ Stationery (HTML)and Stationery Creator (HTML), Internet Reply Formatter, Multiple Signatures, Template System, Personalized Mass Email (with HTML support)and many more.

  • New Web style interface. Formativ Portal Manager™ enables the display of interactive local and remote Web/HTML content and forms directly within the GroupWise 6.01 (or above) client. Formativ solutions also support new Web style dialogs for GroupWise 5.5 and above.

  • Adapts to your environment. All Formativ 1.5 products can run on a local workstation in stand-alone mode (does not require NetWare client) and supports eDirectory via the NetWare Client or LDAP.

  • New product model. All Formativ 1.5 products, such as Runtime, Developer, Admin and the Business Solutions Pack, are now available to the individual user, small business and the enterprise.

  • And much more! Enhanced optional eDirectory integration, new flexible product pricing structure; updated look and feel and all the features of Formativ 1.0.

Example Formativ Today View

Power Users, Developers, Integrators and VARs

  • New Developer version. With new low cost Formativ Developer, you can create, edit and execute an unlimited number of open source, Encoded and Flexalock™ Formativ solutions for personal or corporate use.

  • Develop exciting Web style solutions. The programmable Formativ Portal Manager™ enables the developer to control the display and processing of local and remote Web/HTML/XML content and forms, embedded directly within the GroupWise client. You can also create dialogs which leverage the full power of the HTML language, including CSS, DOM and JavaScript (DHTML).

  • New features for commercial developers. You can secure Formativ solutions as a Flexalock™ version, a special applet format which can be executed by all Formativ 1.5 editions. The author can protect the applet source code from modification and, for product evaluation purposes, add an applet expiry date.

  • Integrated Runtime support. Formativ Developer and Admin include all Formativ Runtime features.

  • Many new language and interface enhancements. Formativ 1.5 includes support for many new language functions and improvements in the Formativ integrated development environment, FormativCentral.

Example HTML stationery

GroupWise and Network Administrators

  • High performance eDirectory support. Formativ 1.5 provides significant gains in efficiency in a networked environment. Formativ solutions are now stored in eDirectory in a highly compressed state and, with the new intelligent caching technology, are only downloaded to end user workstations when updated centrally.

  • New enterprise support tools. The Formativ Administration tools have been greatly simplified and now include a Formativ Schema Wizard. A new registration utility enables single user or batch installations for enterprise rollout.

Further Information

More information on the exciting new Advansys Formativ 1.5, including how you can participate in the public beta test phase, can be found on the Advansys Web site, www.advansyscorp.com. Advansys and Formativ partners, such as The Messaging Architects, are offering special pricing for customers who purchase Formativ 1.0 prior to the release of Formativ 1.5 in late August.