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Dynamically Publish Calendar and Folder Information to the Web using GWExtranet
GroupWise Cool Solutions Article
by The Messaging Architects

Posted: 12 Sep 2002

The Messaging Architects recently released a new product called GWExtranet. GWExtranet is a powerful group scheduling web application that enables users to schedule academic activities, post athletic events, reserve computing resources and rooms, schedule artistic events or anything else you can think of. GWExtranet dynamically publishes GroupWise calendar and folder information to the web by leveraging the access and security of the GroupWise proxy feature to retrieve and publish GroupWise Calendar or folder information to the web.

Users can combine several calendars into a single view on the fly and change easily between viewing formats, including in Month, List or Table format. These features along with GroupWise's robust back-end, make GWExtranet the new standard in enterprise group scheduling.

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