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Kratzer's Hot Docs
GroupWise Cool Solutions Article
by Tay Kratzer

Tay Kratzer
We've recruited Tay Kratzer, GroupWise guru on the hill, to share his personal favorites from one of the greatest stores of human knowledge on the planet, the Novell Knowledgebase. What makes this extra-special is that Tay wrote most of these TIDs himself.

Tay Kratzer works for Novell as a Primary Support Engineer (PSE) for three of Novell's large accounts. Tay is the author of Novell's GroupWise 6/6.5 Administrator's Guides, and co-author of GroupWise 6.5 Upgrade Guide, and GroupWise WebAccess & Wireless User's Guide available at: www.caledonia.net


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Working With GroupWise Databases

Message Store Databases

Directory Databases

GroupWise Migration