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iFolder Cool Solutions

Welcome to iFolder Cool Solutions. This product has already gained a devoted following. (Anyone who's ever desperately needed a file that was stored on a different computer becomes a devoted fan of iFolder as soon as they lay eyes on it.)

Free iFolder AccountCheck it out, try it for yourself, and we hope to hear from you in the future. Set up your own free 10 MB account today at ifolderdemo.novell.com and see what all the shouting is about.

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Last Updated: 17 Mar 2003

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Giving Users Easier Access to iFolder with VirtualHost
Lupe Silva shares a nice tip for making it easier for your endusers to find their iFolder.
Posted 17 Mar 2003

Patching IE6 disables iFolder
Did you know that if you install the latest patch for Internet Explorer 6 you can't login into iFolder from your browser? Matt Boell shares the solution.
Posted 17 Mar 2003

Speeding iFolder Performance in Large Tree
Jaco Burger explains a nifty trick to improve performance in those huge trees with, say, more than 20,000 objects.
Posted 17 Mar 2003

iFolder Sessions at BrainShare 2003
Registration for the BrainShare 2003 Conference has begun. We've summarized the Novell iFolder sessions for your convenience. Check it out and be tantalized.
Posted 17 Mar 2003

Installing iFolder
Joe Harmon is part of Novell's Web Services Support team. This material is adapted from some excellent training sessions he recently presented here at Novell.
Posted 17 Mar 2003

iFolder for Micro Businesses
Small businesses can use iFolder for an inexpensive and reliable backup solution, and they don't have to remember to switch tapes or anything. Slick for a busy small business owner.
Posted 13 Feb 2003

Boosting iFolder Access through Reverse Proxy
If you're getting sluggish performance when you access iFolder through BorderManager or iChain reverse proxy, this nifty tip will do the trick. Thanks Nathan!
Posted 13 Feb 2003

Adding Multiple Users to iFolder Professional 2 for a Staged Roll-out
If you need to muscle a lot of users into iFolder 2.0, take a look at how David Guest did it before you reinvent the wheel.
Posted 13 Feb 2003

Using NetDrive in University Computer Labs
Jay Lee explains why they think NetDrive is the best solution for public computers. He shares how he configured NetDrive in the University computer labs for students and teachers.
Posted 13 Feb 2003

Installing iFolder 2.0 on a NetWare 5.1 Server
We've had several letters from people wanting to know how to put iFolder 2 on a NetWare 5.x server. Here's the answer.
Posted 13 Feb 2003

Q & A
Common-sense answers to common questions from iFolder users and admins.
Updated 17 Mar 2003

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