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Using NetDrive in University Computer Labs
iFolder Cool Solutions Article
by Jay Lee
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Posted on 13 Feb 2003

We didn't want to install the iFolder client on our lab computers because we were worried about users leaving all their personal files on the workstation. The web iFolder client is useful sometimes but is a pain for users when they need access to multiple files and they're still saving their files to the local drive so you still have security issues.

We found NetDrive to be the best solution for public computers. We have configured NetDrive in our University computer labs for students and teachers. Here's how to do it.

  1. First install the NetDrive program and configure NetDrive for your iFolder server.
  2. Test the login to be sure it works.
  3. Now from the NetDrive Configuration Window select File, Create Desktop Shortcut. A icon will be placed on the desktop that will launch NetDrive and immediately try to connect to your iFolder site.
  4. We deleted the NetDrive Start Menu item so that users would only be able to access the iFolder server with NetDrive and would not get confused with the options NetDrive provides. You can create another shortcut that runs the following:

    net use x: /delete

    where x: is the drive letter you chose to have NetDrive connect.
  5. Name this shortcut iFolder Disconnect and make sure your users get in the habit of using it.

You now have direct, mapped access to your iFolder account without the danger of placing your personal files on every computer and waiting for all files to synchronize! We use ZENworks to provide shortcuts for the user to connect and disconnect to their iFolder account.

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If you have any questions you may contact Jay at JLEE@pbu.edu