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Creating Custom Roles, Tasks and Property Books for Printer Operators
James Denton explains how to create custom roles, tasks, and property books to assign access control for printer operators.
Posted: 28 Dec 2005

AppNote: Location-Based Printing for Metaframe Services
This AppNote by Eric Belcher details the installation of location-based printing facilities for Citrix Metaframe using Novell iPrint.
Posted: 8 Dec 2005

iPrint Map Links
Modified version of map tool to handle geographical maps.
Updated: 24 Oct 2005

Setting Up the iPrint Client to Use the Local iPrint Printer Map
Ron Imsland shares a solution he came up with that will redirect users to their local iPrint printer map when they click on the iPrint icon and select "Find/Install printers".
Updated: 26 Sep 2005

The Perfect Connection - Migrating without the Migraine: iFolder and iPrint on Novell Linux
Don't miss this new article in the Novell Connection magazine. Linda Kennard shows you how to upgrade Novell queue-based printing on a server running NetWare 5.1 or later to Novell iPrint on Open Enterprise Server for Linux. She also explains how to deploy Open Enterprise Server for Linux as a standalone Novell iFolder 3.1 server.
Posted: 21 Sep 2005

Scripts to Migrate Default Printer and iPrinter Settings to New Computer
Adam Reno shares two scripts that will migrate all the iPrint printers, default printer and LPT port captures from a user's old computer to their new computer.
Posted: 15 Sep 2005

Deploying Printer Drivers to Multiple NetWare servers without using iManager
Ever need to deploy the same printer drivers to multiple NetWare servers without using iManager? Matthew Shuter shares a nifty idea that could save tons of time when you have to roll out print drivers on multiple systems. Great one, Matthew!
Posted: 22 Jun 2005

After applying NetWare 6.5 service pack 3, iFolder and iPrint users can no longer logon
Aaron Loydell explains how to workaround a problem you might experience after patching NetWare 6.5.
Posted: 20 Apr 2005

How To Move Print Jobs from One iPrint Printer To Another
Do you have an iPrint printer that is off line? Do you need to quickly know how to move those jobs to another printer? Check out this tip.
Posted: 7 Apr 2005

How to Have an iPrint Printer Service a Legacy Print Queue
Do you have legacy print queues that still need to be serviced? You can configure a Legacy print queue to be serviced by an iPrint printer. This would be beneficial for a site that's in the process of upgrading/converting to iPrint printers while still having Legacy print queues in place.
Posted: 7 Apr 2005

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