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NetMail Cool Solutions Article
by by School Cool Forum Members

Posted: 19 Dec 2003

kreischl wrote to School Cool forums asking about whether or not NetMail would be a good choice for 10,000-25,000 student accounts. Read the reponses below:


NetMail is a very good fit for what you are describing. We rolled it out for our 7,000 students. When you designate a context(s) to be serviced by NetMail, an eDir user automatically has a NetMail account.

Just a quick note on scalability:

Before we enforced the limit of recipients per message, a handful of students decided to have fun with dist lists. Over a period of less than 4 hours our NetMail system delivered over 4 million (yes, million) messages. The server never broke stride.

I would highly recommend it.

Another cool thing is that most of the user options are represented by edir attributes. This is a good thing if you use mass edir tools like JRB Utilities. ex, we changed the default inactivity timeout from something like 3 min. to around 20 min for all our NetMail accounts. This took all of 5 min. admin time to accomplish.


http://www.myrealbox.com is a public beta system for NetMail. Currently over 150,000 users are on the system and they project going to 300,000 before needing a hardware upgrade. You can see the current hardware/software config at http://www.myrealbox.com/a?.BQ.DCU.Z_QQ.d

The promo sheet for NetMail claims to be able to send over 1 million messages per day (without loss) on low end hardware. I think any Xeon class server with a pile of RAM and drive space would be good. You might want to double-check me but I don't think any of the NetMail components are MP capable so no need for more than 1 processor. If you decide to go with NetMail, make sure you follow the advice on volumes. NetMail is flaky if you put certain parts on NSS files systems. If you are confortable with Linux, you might want to look at the new offering from Novell. It comes bundled with a lot of goodies, including NetMail.

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