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Posted: 8 Oct 2002

Extending Email to Improve Business Performance

Large enterprises have invested millions of dollars to implement communication and collaboration tools that make their knowledge workers more productive. These employees exchange information effortlessly using email, manage their time more efficiently with calendaring and task management tools, and tap into the power of the Web to do their jobs more effectively.

Until now, however, deskless workers a group that represents more than half of all employees in the typical enterprise have been left behind. Most organizations find that it's too costly and complex to equip this large employee group with email and calendaring capabilities.

Enterprises need an email and calendaring solution that permits easy, cost-effective, anywhere, anytime access by deskless workers. In addition, the solution must also support access by the current base of knowledge workers who use existing communication and collaboration systems. To be effective, the solution must offer:

  • Extensive scalability
  • Complementary to current environment
  • Extensive standards support
  • High availability
  • Directory foundation
  • Broad e-mail and calendaring functionality
  • Support for Web-enabled mobile access devices

Novell NetMail is unique in its ability to meet all the requirements for an extended email solution.

Novell NetMail offers organizations of all types and sizes an economical, high-performance approach to extending email and calendaring to the deskless workforce. NetMail is the only solution that meets all the requirements for an enterprise e-mail and calendaring system for the deskless workforce. It's the most scalable solution available, supporting more than 200,000 users on a single server. Its directory foundation simplifies management and enhances scalability. NetMail offers high availability, extensive standards support and support for Web-enabled mobile access devices. What's more, its broad e-mail and calendaring feature set meets the needs not only of the deskless workers but of many desk-based workers as well.

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