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Leading Edge 162: NetMail SDK
NetMail Cool Solutions Article
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Posted: 7 Jun 2002

We stumbled across this NetMail SDK download and thought the developers among us would be interested. Leading Edge releases give you a first look at new technologies Novell is engineers are working on. Novell does not recommend the use of these unsupported components in a production environment.

The NetMail SDK includes documentation and usable sample code for the Networked Messaging Application Protocol (NMAP), an ASCII RFC-style protocol. NMAP provides full control over the NetMail queuing system and full access to the message store.

The SDK also includes ModWeb documentation. ModWeb is a template-based, self-contained Web engine that eliminates the need for JVMs, servlet gateways, and CGI scripts in an HTML environment.

Download the code here: http://developer.novell.com/ndk/leadedge.htm#le162