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NetMail 3.52 Evaluation Software
NetMail Cool Solutions Article

Posted: 10 Jun 2004

NetMail 3.5.2 Evaluation comes with an evaluation license that provides all Advanced features described below. The evaluation license is intended to be used in evaluating NetMail for a 90 day period. All messages sent with the evaluation version will indicate that an evaluation copy of NetMail was used. NetMail 3.5.2 Evaluation can be patched with any NetMail 3.5.x updates as they become available from http://support.novell.com. It is recommended that evaluation code be updated to the current release level.

Download here

NetMail 3.5.2 supports two licensing options:

Foundation License

The Foundation License provides the following features:

  • Address Books (Personal, System, and Public)
  • Aliasing
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Virus
  • Basic Rules
  • Calendaring
  • Forwarding
  • IMAP
  • List Server
  • Mail Proxy
  • PlusPack
  • POP
  • SMTP
  • Task Oriented Management
  • WebAccess/WebMail

Advanced License

In addition to the features offered in the Foundation License, the Advanced License offers the following new features:

  • Free/Busy search
  • Resource scheduling
  • Shared Folders and Calendars
  • User Proxy
  • Delegate
  • Advanced Rules
  • Message Priority

NetMail requires Novell eDirectory™ and Novell Nsure™ Audit which must be installed before installing NetMail.

Converting the Evaluation Software to A Licensed Product
  1. Purchase the NetMail 3.5.2 Foundation or Advanced product, create a CD from the ISO image, and copy the netmail.nlf license file from the CD (located in the directory NetMail3.52/LICENSE) to the binary directory of the NetMail server.

    Important: You must copy the license file in binary format--do not convert carriage return/line feed characters during copy. The license file must be named netmail.nlf.

  2. Restart the NetMail server.

On a default NetMail installation, the binary directory is located in the following locations:

  • NetWare: sys:\system
  • Linux: /opt/novell/netmail/bin
  • Windows: {drive:}\program files\novell\netmail\bin
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