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NetMail XE Implementation Guide
NetMail Cool Solutions Article
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Posted: 13 Aug 2002

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Do small businesses use e-mail? Absolutely! While only 25% of small businesses with computers have a local area network, 90% are connected to the Internet and have e-mail (source: IDC). E-mail and Web access is a big deal for small business. Small businesses communicate, exchange documents, transmit information and coordinate scheduling between employees, customers, suppliers and partners—all through e-mail. E-mail drives small business.

For small businesses, the challenge becomes providing reliable, robust, feature-rich e-mail capabilities without implementation and management hassles or undue expense. Current e-mail solutions for small business range from hosted ISP/ASP services to complex collaboration/directory combinations such as Exchange. In most cases, ongoing expense or tedious management and administration make the goal of economical and simple e-mail difficult.

Novell® NetMail™ XE is a simple and cost effective solution for small organizations running primarily Microsoft Windows*. Novell NetMail XE is a reliable and extremely simple to implement e-mail solution that supports any standard Post Office Protocol (POP) or Internet Messaging Access Protocol (IMAP) client such as Microsoft Outlook* or Netscape*. There is no need to install a directory or deal with the complexities of integrating Active Directory* and Exchange. Novell NetMail XE takes advantage of the Windows user registry and automatically enables existing users for Internet e-mail. A fully functioning mail service (including calendaring) can be up and running for any small business in a matter of minutes.

Small Business E-mail Market

For many small businesses, e-mail is a required service that facilitates business—without it, businesses can’t participate. The e-mail solution market however, is fragmented and replete with an assortment of solutions from multiple types of vendors. ISP/ASP hosted mail, complex solutions for Windows from Microsoft and other vendors and several mail servers running on UNIX*/Linux* platforms all provide e-mail services available to but not tailored for small businesses. Small businesses typically have Windows workstations and possibly a Windows server in house. As Internet access and e-mail have evolved, most users have standardized on Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express as the e-mail client of choice; it is included with Windows and is available right from the initial Windows installation (Outlook Express comes with Windows; Outlook is part of the Microsoft Office Suite or must be purchased separately). ISPs have been able to provide e-mail with a minimum of effort by taking advantage of Outlook’s ubiquity. Users are familiar with the Outlook interface and generally don’t have a preference for a particular back-end mail service if it works well with Outlook. Market analysis indicates that users who want “Microsoft Exchange” are really just concerned about making sure that they can continue to use “Microsoft Outlook”. In addition, with the increase and ubiquity of e-mail viruses, small businesses want optimal security and protection from possible infection.

These factors indicate that a Windows-based e-mail solution that works with Outlook, installs simply, is secure and requires little or no ongoing administration satisfies the e-mail requirements for the majority of small businesses. If a company has Internet access and a Windows server, Novell NetMail XE can be quickly installed and automatically configured based on the existing Windows registry and user database. NetMail XE provides a critical service without unfamiliar directories, operating systems or the complexities of integration. It’s quick, efficient and it works. For service providers, enabling small businesses with e-mail can provide a foundation or springboard for other services. E-mail is a required and fundamental service that, if provided seamlessly and without ongoing management or operation problems, can be the basis for new service relationships and incremental revenue. With the cost and management requirements of NetMail XE so low, e-mail can even be provided as a bonus or incremental service at little or no extra charge to enhance a service contract. In-house e-mail services can preempt ISPs or other service providers from getting inside an account.

How NetMail Works

Novell NetMail XE is based on award-winning Novell NetMail (formerly the Novell Internet Messaging System™—NIMS™) technology. Novell NetMail XE operates as a Windows service on any Windows NT4 or 2000 server and can be managed through the standard Microsoft Management Console or a Web-browser interface. An abbreviated list of Novell XE features is as follows:

  • Standards Based—POP, IMAP, SMTP, HTML, LDAP3, MIME-S/MIME, SSL, TLS, iCal
  • User Features—Include calendaring, autoreply, PDA synchronization, rules, proxy, self-administration, Web client, user-defined anti-spam, flexible client support (MS Outlook, Netscape, Eudora*, Pegasus, etc.) and more
  • Management Features—Sever-based anti-virus (integrates with Computer Associates InoculateIT*/eTrust*, McAfee NetShield* and Symantec* Scan Engine 3.0 (formerly known as CarrierScan); system level anti-spam based on e-mail address, IP address and Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBLs); single-copy message store; programmability; message relay block and more

Estimated Setup Time

Installing Novell NetMail XE is a snap. With only one query to answer and the automated file copy/installation process, NetMail XE can be fully operational in a matter of minutes—ten minutes or less.


Simply install the NetMail XE CD or download the executable, click on Setup and follow the instructions. The install process follows standard procedures for installing a Windows application. The accompanying screens illustrate installation, management and client access.

Feature Screen
System Requirements • Server OS—Windows NT*/2000/XP with latest service packs and security fixes
• Disk Space—20MB for installation plus disk space for user message storage (mailbox size can be restricted)
• Memory—128MB of available memory for NetMail XE beyond existing Windows requirements
• Client—Any standards-based POP or IMAP client including Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape, Pegasus and Eudora, etc.
Accept the license agreement
Select installation type—Typical is recommended
Enter the Internet domain and DNS server addresses— this is the only input required for installation
Upon completion of installation, the Novell NetMail XE server application is started automatically. Users in the Microsoft user registry are automatically enabled for e-mail and the WebAdmin server is started.
Novell NetMail XE appears as a Windows service and can be started/stopped through the Windows Services Manager
Manage users, groups and NetMail XE configuration through the Windows Services Manager
An example of Novell NetMail XE user management through the Windows manager
Novell NetMail XE can also be administered (from any point on the Internet) through a Web interface
Client Interface
Novell NetMail XE client Web interface; standards clients such as Outlook, Eudora and Netscape can also be used with no modification
User self-service interface for creating rules, forwarding and auto-replies

Congratulations. You have successfully installed, configured and managed Novell NetMail XE. NetMail XE provides small businesses with reliable and robust collaboration services without heavy administration, support or procurement costs. NetMail XE is extremely simple to setup, administer and seamlessly integrates with popular e-mail clients. Both users and administrators are free to communicate without the hassle of complex integration or management.

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