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How to Set Up NetMail 3.1 to Work with Novell's Certificate Server
NetMail Cool Solutions Article
by Novell Technical Support

Posted: 19 Dec 2003



Verify certgen.exe is dated at least 6-10-2002.

If you have already tried to get NetMail to work with Novell's certificate server then delete the 2 pem files from sys:\system.

  1. Run certgen.
  2. Choose next.
  3. Point to sys volume of NetMail server and click next.
  4. Choose request new certificate and next.
  5. Fill in all fields and make sure the common name is correct. Should be like www.novell.com. It is the dns name. Also have a valid state code such as ut for utah and country code such as us for the usa.
  6. On the final page choose via clipboard and next.
  7. Click finish.

In consoleone:

  1. Hightlight the tree and select Tools | issue certificate.
  2. Paste the certificate from above.
  3. Choose next and next.
  4. For the 'select how the key is to be used', choose ssl or tls. (or encyrption).
  5. 'Set the key usage extension to critical' should not be checked.
  6. Next.
  7. 'Validity period' should be what ever you want and next.
  8. Choose finish.
  9. Choose System clipboard in base64 format and click save.

Run certgen again.

  1. Next.
  2. Verify path is correct.
  3. Choose install a certificate received from a ca.
  4. Next.
  5. Choose next because it is already in the clipboard.
  6. Finish.

In consoleone:

  1. Open the sslcertificateIP object properties.
  2. Certificate | trusted root | certificate | export.
  3. Say no to the private key.
  4. Next.
  5. Choose file in base64 format and give it a filename.
  6. Choose finish.

Run certgen:

  1. Next then Next.
  2. Add\renew trusted certificate authority.
  3. Next.
  4. From a file choose next.
  5. Type the path and filename to the file you exported previously.
  6. Select open.
  7. Give it a name - it doesn't matter what.
  8. Finish.

Restart netmail.


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