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What's New in Novell NetMail 3.5
NetMail Cool Solutions Article

Posted: 30 Jan 2004

Heads Up: If you've been looking for information about NetMail 3.5, the new NetMail 3.5 documentation is now available online at: http://www.novell.com/documentation/lg/netmail35/index.html.

Here a quick overview of the new features in NetMail 3.5. See What's New in NetMail 3.5 in the online NetMail 3.5 documentation for the detailed information.

New Features in NetMail 3.5
  • Novell Audit:
    Novell Audit is a secure logging and auditing product. It is capable of collecting messaging system events across multiple platforms and collecting the information in a central, non-repudiable data store.

  • Busy Searches:
    When scheduling appointments in WebAccess and Webmail, users can now perform busy searches on users in their current messaging system.

  • Resource Scheduling:
    Administrators can create User objects for resources such as conference rooms or training facilities. Users can busy search and schedule the resource by including the resource's User object in an appointment's list of scheduled attendees.

  • Shared Folders and Calendars:
    NetMail 3.5 supports IMAP ACL Extensions so users can share folders with other users through IMAP clients such as GroupWise®, Ximian* Evolution*, Microsoft* Outlook Express*, Microsoft Outlook*, Eudora*, and Mulberry*. (POP clients do not support shared folders.)

  • User Proxy:
    WebAccess and Webmail users can give other users rights to read or manage their incoming mail messages, appointments, tasks, or notes; set User Preferences; and perform TOM administration tasks. (User Proxy is only supported through WebAccess and Webmail.)

  • Delegate:
    Users can now delegate appointments, tasks, and notes in WebAccess and Webmail.

  • Advanced Rules:
    Previous versions of NetMail allowed users to create rules that applied actions to messages matching any or all of the defined conditions. In NetMail 3.5, users can define rules that include AND/OR operators in the condition statements. (Users can only define advanced rules in WebAccess. Administrators can define advanced rules in User objects using WebAdmin.)

  • Message Priority:
    In WebAccess and Webmail, users can set High, Normal, or Low priority on mail messages. (Message priority cannot be set on appointments, tasks, or notes.)

  • Integration with GroupWise Client:
    NetMail 3.5 integrates with the Novell GroupWise v6.5 Collaboration Client for Novell NterpriseTM Linux* Services v1.
Novell NetMail 3.5 Administration Guide

Novell NetMail 3.5 Administration Guide: http://www.novell.com/documentation/lg/netmail35/index.html

  • NetMail System Overview
  • Planning Your NetMail System
  • Installing NetMail 3.5 with Novell Nterprise
  • WebAdmin
  • Setting Up Your Messaging Server and NMAP Agent
  • Configuring E-mail Services
  • Managing User Features
  • Using WebAccess and Webmail
  • System Administration
  • Auditing Your Messaging System
  • Securing Your System
  • Hosting and Feature Management
  • Managing Mailing Lists
  • Custom NetMail 3.5 Installs
  • Sample NetMail Configurations
  • Supported Standards
  • Port Assignments
  • Quick Reference Matrix
  • Message Structure
  • NetMail Commands and Utilities
  • Implementing Administrative Changes
  • NetMail Configuration
Novell NetMail 3.5 Quick Starts