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Overcoming Duplicate Aliases With NetMail
NetMail Cool Solutions Article
by Chris Beckett
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Posted 13 Nov 2002

We had a problem with our NetMail system in that we have 30,000 students whose login ID is their eight digit student registration number. Easier to remember when logging into NDS, but not nice to use as an e-mail address!

With 30,000 mailboxes, it's inevitable that you're going to get a couple of John Smiths along the way. If you are using the Alias Agent, you get one John Smith aliased, but not the others! We wanted the Alias Agent to create aliases for all students using the first.m.last@domain e-mail format.

The way we got around this was that our student records database already generates a unique e-mail address for each student when they are batched up for NDS user creation. All we needed to do was to put their NDS Full Name attribute in as we want it - i.e. "John Smith2" and then let the Alias Agent do the rest! The alias agent then creates the John.Smith2@domain address that we need and stores it in the alias file!

Not forgetting of course that the Alias Agent generates the alias from the value stored in the Full Name attribute! Without that, it won't work!

Hope this tip is of use to someone else!

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