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Install Novell's NetMail XE as alternative to Exchange
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Posted: 24 Jan 2003

Here's a great TechRepublic article by Ron Nutter about NetMail XE.

The article is titled, "Install Novell's NetMail XE as an alternative to Exchange".

Here's their introduction:
If youíre considering deploying an e-mail server for your organization, you may think that your only option is Microsoft Exchange. But if you need just basic mail service, possibly with calendaring and/or a Web interface, NetMail XE from Novell may be for you. Part of the NetMail product line, NetMail XE works on NT 4 or Windows 2000, and it doesnít require Directory to be in place for it to work. In this Daily Drill Down, Iíll show you how to install NetMail XE as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

Here's the article: