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Limiting NetMail's ModWeb Address Book Search
NetMail Cool Solutions Article
by Novell Technical Support
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Posted: 12 Sept 2003

Novell Technical Support: TID10086379

NetMail can be setup to only search for users with the same Internet Domain Name.

  1. Group the users that share the same Internet Domain Name into the same NDS context.

  2. Edit the properties of the Orginizational Unit that contains the user objects.

  3. Select the NetMail Options tab and enter the Internet Domain Name into the Domain field.

  4. In NWAdmin make sure NetMail Address Book Agent has the desired settings.

  5. In Consoleone edit the NetMail Address Book Agent.
    Note: It will show as a question mark as it is not snapped in.

  6. Select the Other tab.

  7. The Novonyx:LDAP Options setting will have a number representing your settings in step 1. Add 16 to the number and modify the attribute with the new sum.
    For example, if the option is 1 then add 16 to get a sum 17. This adds the option: LDAP_USE_USERS_BASEDN.

  8. Create a NetMail Parent Object for each context under Internet Services | Parent Objects.

  9. Edit the Parent Object and select the Options tab.

  10. Select the ModWebMail object tab.

  11. Check the System-Wide address book checkbox. Fill in the LDAP Server in the following format: ldap://User:Password@IP_address:Port/?Internet_domain_name
    • User is any user in the container that will be using this parent object. You can create one or use an existing one.
    • Password is the NDS password for the above user.
    • IP_addresss is the IP address of the NetMail server.
    • Port is 389 unless the Address Book object was changed.
    • Internet_domain_name such as novell.com
    If you want to give users the ability to search all the address' in the NetMail address book, check the Public address book check box. For the LDAP Server use the following format: ldap://IP_address:Port

  12. In NWAdmin, edit each user object and select the NetMail Parent Object tab. Browse to the Parent Object that this user belongs to. Note: To add multiple users to the same parent object, select the users in the NDS tree. Select Object | Details of Mulitple Users. Select the NetMail Configuration tab. Select the parent object.

  13. Restart NetMail.

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