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Secure Email
NetMail Cool Solutions Article
by Ken Warwick
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Posted: 7 Jun 2002

The easy part of secure email with NetMail is the technology... the hard part is the "people factor" (i.e. did they set up their mail client correctly to do SSL protected email)?

As an organization with staff in 43 different countries, we decided that we wanted to take advantage of this great feature in NetMail universally. Knowing we could not control the end user's email client set up, we closed the ports for non-SSL POP3, IMAP and SMTP on BorderManager and opened only the default SSL ports for those services. The only catch was that just checking the box for SSL in Outlook Express did not change the port from the default 25 for SMTP to the desired port 465. We added that step to our set up directions for all the mail clients that support SSL and everyone is happy.

To force the use of SSL with WebAccess, we have all our users log into a private SSL protected home page before they hit the link for WebAccess... which then includes the all important HTTPS.

Now we know, if their mail account works for them.... they are doing it securely.

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