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Tip: Deleting Folders in Netscape IMAP Client
NetMail Cool Solutions Article
by Paul Banks
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Posted: 4 Aug 2003

Problem: In the Netscape IMAP client when the "move deleted items to Trash" is selected, then the user can't delete folders as the "trash folder" refuses to store subfolders.

The reason for this is that the NetMail server tries to move the deleted folder to the USER/Trash/foldername but the User/Trash/ path doesn't normally exist - even if the Trash IMAP folder exists as Trash.box - and so the move fails.

Solution: This can be fixed by the user simply creating a subfolder in trash (which they can subsequently delete). Doing this creates the USER/Trash/ path on the server and after doing this, the user will be able to delete IMAP folders in Netscape.

I've also written a simple csh shell script for un*x machines to automatically create the Trash folder for all users in a NetMail system. Just copy it to /usr/nims/users, change to that directory and run it with ./scriptname to automatically create the trash folders for all users.

Example: Shell script to administratively create trash folders - see solution for instructions.

---- BEGIN SCRIPT ----

foreach n (`ls`)
if (! -f $n) then

if (! -d $n/Trash) then
echo Creating new Trash Directory for $n
mkdir $n/Trash

if (! -e $n/Trash.box) then
echo Creating trash folder for $n
touch $n/Trash.box

---- END SCRIPT ----

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