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Enable NetMail Signatures for a List Server
NetMail Cool Solutions Article
by Novell Technical Support
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Posted: 24 Jan 2003

Here is a great TID from Novell Technical Support that gives you instructions on how to enable NetMail signitures for a list server.

Novell Technical Support: TID10077938

  1. In NWAdmin go under Internet Services | Mailing Lists to show the created lists.
  2. Right click on the list you want to add the signature and select details.
  3. Under Options select if you want a Plaintext Signature, HTML Signature or both.
  4. Select the Signatures tab.
  5. Enter the message you want appended to messages sent from the list server.
  6. Save the changes and restart NetMail.

Note: After creating a signature for a list it will append the appropriate signature at the end of any message posted to the list. The signature used depends on the original message. If it is plain text then a plain text signature goes out. If it is HTML then both the HTML and plain text signatures are added. Depending on the how the recipient views the message it will use one or the other.

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