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How to Restrict NetMail Users to Sending ONLY Internal Mail
NetMail Cool Solutions Article
by Novell Technical Support

Posted: 10 Jun 2004

TID10092922: How to restrict netmail users to sending ONLY internal mail.


Is there a way to allow NetMail users to only send to internal users?


There is actually a way to restrict users from sending external mail with the "Pluspack" for NetMail 3.1 (which is included in the 3.1G patch in the "unsupported" directory) and in NetMail 3.5.2.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Create the Pluspack agent and then
  2. Configure it to allow or prevent external messages based on your users' NDS group memberships.
    Page 156 of the NetMail 3.5.2 PDF documentation gives detailed instructions on how to configure the Pluspack agent (this document is for 3.5.2, but the information also applies to NetMail 3.1).

Read Pluspack Agent in the NetMail 3.5 documentation for more information.

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