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Duplicated Logins Scanner for NDS/eDirectory
NetMail Cool Solutions Article
by Evgeniy Lotosh
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Posted: 3 Jun 2003

The Duplicated Logins Scanner for NDS/eDirectory is handy for network administrators who implement the Novell NIMS/NetMail mail system. This system requires unique login names for the every user. If you install NetMail to the well-developed NDS tree with a large number of containers and users, the search for duplicated logins could be a problem. This scanner can help to resolve this problem.

The scanner can perform:

  1. Full scan of an NDS tree beginning from specified context ([Root] by default). This operation is long enough. Running time depends on computer where the scanner is run and the general network performance. Full scan of a medium-sized tree with approximately 200 organizational units, 2,500 users and 10,000 objects takes 10-30 seconds. When scan is finished a full report is generated. This scanner capability is useful when you prepare your network for the first installation of the NetMail server.

  2. Scan a tree for the specified login. You may do the full scan of the selected (sub)tree (it reveals all instances of the given login; such a scan requires the same time as a full subtree scan) or you may do the "quick" scan which reveals only the first occurrence of the given login (search time is unpredictable). This scanner capability allows you to quickly find out if the specified login already exists to prevent creation of duplicated login names. The time of the search is considerably longer than NWAdmin32 one, but the quicker start of the scanner makes up for it.

Download it here: http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tools/1686.html