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Partner Solutions

Looking for extra functionality that isn't included in the NetMail product? Check out these solutions from our partners, and see if they have what you're looking for.

Computer Associates

eTrust Antivirus for Novell NIMS

eTrust Antivirus is CA's award-winning antivirus solution, providing superior protection against today's most prevalent security threat viruses. Based on advanced technology, eTrust Antivirus reduces virus infections, simplifies and automates updating, eases administration, and enforces security polices. Extensive features include multiple scanning engine support, realtime detection with system cure, unmatched manageability, and centralized event logging and alerting.

Certified by ICSA Labs and recognized by Virus Bulletin for detecting 100% of "in the wild" viruses, eTrust Antivirus safeguards any sized environment. eTrust Antivirus address all the potential points of entry for virus attacks, from desktops to servers and groupware applications.

Backed by CA's eTrust Antivirus Research Centers, eTrust Antivirus is your choice for complete virus protection.

For details visit: http://www3.ca.com/Solutions/Product.asp?ID=156.