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One Giant Leap: Cool Solutions gets some New Digs
Eleven years after launching the first Cool Solutions site, we have just taken a major step forward. We have some new digs - a full-on community site with all the Web 2.0 bells and whistles. Check it out!
Posted: 7 Dec 2007

Network Security: Test-Drive Your Firewall Solution
In this AppNote, Gary Childers provides a practical way to test-drive the Novell Security Manager firewall solution, from the comfort of your own lab.
Posted: 31 Jan 2007

Dealing with Lost Webadmin Passwords in Novell Security Manager
If you lose your Webadmin password in NSM, all is not lost - Gilles Debellabre has a solution to the problem.
Posted: 3 Jan 2007

RTMNSM v1.0.4
Real time analyzer of user activity for the HTTP proxy of Novell Security Manager, powered by Astaro.
Updated: 22 Dec 2006

Update on Novell BorderManager and Novell Security Manager by Astaro
Here's the latest info on the future of BorderManager and Security Manager, and how they fit with the new Novell Access Manager.
Posted: 6 Dec 2006

Special Holiday Drawing Winner!
Congratulations to Gary Childers - the lucky winner of the iPod nano RED special edition!
Posted: 1 Dec 2006

Novell & Microsoft: What Do You Think?
Learn more about the landmark announcement from Novell and Microsoft.
Posted: 1 Nov 2006

Success Story: Schlouch Incorporated, Novell Security Manager, and GroupWise
Learn how Schlouch Incorporated solved spam and spyware issues with a robust Novell solution that included Novell Security Manager and GroupWise.
Posted: 6 Sep 2006

Getting the DynDNS Custom DNS Service Working in NSM 6
Here's a quick fix to get the DynDNS Custom DNS service to work under Novell Security Manager 6, courtesy of Lewis Rosenthal.
Posted: 9 Aug 2006

Licensing for NSM
Curious about licensing details for Novell Security Manager? Check out the helpful Astaro link in this article ...
Posted: 9 Aug 2006

Q & A
Here's where we store a few of the answers to some of your best questions.

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