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Is there an easy way to clear my desktop in Gnome?

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Posted: 20 Jan 2005

I use so many programs, my desktop gets cluttered, and it makes me less productive. Is there an easy way to access my desktop?

There are 2 ways to easily access your desktop in Gnome,

  1. On the lower right-hand portion of your screen, there are 4 boxes which may or may not have things in them. Right to the left of these boxes is an icon of a desk with a pencil and a piece of paper on it. Click that icon, and it will magically clear your desktop.
  2. Click one of the empty four boxes mentioned in the previous step. This will give you a whole new desktop to use. If you want to use the one you just switched from, click the first of the four boxes.
There may be more ways to clear your desktop, but those two are quite easy. Enjoy.

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