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Error "The writer does not like the

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Posted: 9 Feb 2005

When I try to burn a data cd or iso image, the message, "The writer does not like the medium" comes up. If I reboot and try it again, most of the time it will work. What is going on?

Most likely the CD-R you're using is a lower-quality one. A work around exists, but I'd be very careful when using it, as it can easily cause burns to fail and CD-R's to be wasted.

Work Around:

Edit the ~/.kde/share/config/k3brc file
Under the heading [External Programs] add a line:

cdrecord user parameters=-force

In a nutshell the -force parameter tells cdrecord to ignore the OPC (optimum power calibration) error, and continue anyway.

*note* You will need to be careful about setting the media speed. If you try to burn at 8x on 4x media (which -force) will allow you to do, it will probably fail...

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