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Trouble with two NICS on a laptop.

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Posted: 17 Mar 2005

I am experiencing the following strange issue with DHCP: when connecting to a wireless network through ath0 (the wireless NIC), the DHCPCD populates the IP address and the DNS IP. However, when doing the same through eth0 (wire), the DHCPCD gets an IP address, but never sets the DNS IP and hence I cannot use my laptop for browsing the Internet.

However, there should be absolutely no difference between wireless and wired network in my current environment.

Does anybody has any clue what could be wrong? Is there a setting in any of the config files that could be wrong.

It's because the resolv.conf has been updated by the first inteface ( ath0) which has come up and the second interface ( eth0) cannot modify that file. In your case, do:

"rcnetwork stop" and "ifup eth0".

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