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iFolder versus NetStorage

Novell Cool Solutions: Question & Answer

Posted: 8 Sep 2004

What is the relationship between iFolder and NetStorage?

Novell iFolder provides data synchronization technology that enables users to access updated information for any device from any location. In effect, Novell iFolder provides a virtual, centralized file repository through the Internet. The Novell iFolder client works transparently to ensure that files are always up to date. Files at both the client and server are automatically checked for updates and any new changes are synchronized. Novell iFolder tracks all changes and keeps all subscribed clients and the server in sync with the latest modifications over standard HTTP Internet connections. Files from the virtual file server are securely updated at every client where a user connects.

NetStorage provides simple Internet browser-based access to file storage on a Novell network. Users have secure file access from any Internet location with nothing to download or install on the user workstation. Through a browser interface, users can also access file properties and have the options of restoring recent versions and managing rights to files and folders. NetStorage lets users securely copy, move, rename, delete, read, and write files between any Internet-enabled machine and a NetWare server. In addition, NetStorage lets users access archived copies of files.

You can get to your iFolder files from the NetStorage web page.

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