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Downloading Ximian Desktop

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Posted: 8 Jun 2004

How do I download the Ximian Desktop?

On the computer where you wish to install Ximian Desktop, there must be:

An active internet connection
A supported version of Linux
A working install of wget

Our automatic download and install is the easiest way to get Ximian Desktop. There is nothing to download first, just follow these instructions.

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Using the su command, become superuser (root).
  3. Type the following command or cut and paste it into your terminal:

    wget -q -O - |sh

    Note that the | character above is the "pipe" symbol, obtained by pressing SHIFT-\ on most keyboards.
This will automatically download and run the Ximian Installer, which will allow you to choose the software you wish to install. Once you make your selections, the packages will be fetched from the Internet and installed automatically.

Please note, if you are using a proxy, replace the above line with:

env http_proxy=http://host:port/ wget -q -O - |sh

where "host" is your proxy host and "port" is your proxy port number.

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